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  • | Medicinal Plants
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  • ...gathered and passed on for generations concerning the medicinal effects of plants, whether through ingestion or application to the body. <ref>http://www.thai
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  • ...gathered and passed on for generations concerning the medicinal effects of plants, whether through ingestion or application to the body.<ref name="Thiagaraja ...compresses to the desired temperature for the client, thus activating the medicinal properties of the particular combination of herbs inside.
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  • ...children by his sides., c. 1890s.jpg|thumb|Pouding [[taro]] into poi. Taro plants can be seen growing in the background below the banana leaves]] ...[fern]]s and fruits that grew at higher elevations. Various food producing plants were introduced to the island by Polynesian peoples including [[taro]] (ele
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  • ...e United States for professional herbalists specializing in the [[medicine|medicinal]] use of [[plant]]s. AHG's membership consists of professional members who
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  • Western herbalism has adopted medicinal herbs from a variety of places in the world. (Conversely, American herbs, s, the Native Americans used the four directions and the medicine wheel—plants were classified according to the medicine wheel. Planetary draws from the r
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  • ...their attributes, in Asia, as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, both plants lend themselves as ideal means of the specific ideas and Zen Buddhist expre ...s of years before Christ. Indeed, humanity knows the medicinal benefits of plants for millennia. Records of Roman, Egyptian, Persian and Hebrew medicine show
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  • |title=Agroforestry research trust fruits nuts seeds plants publications |first= |last= | |year=2013 |accessdate .../default.aspx |title=Plants For A Future : 7000 Edible, Medicinal & Useful Plants |first= |last= | |year=2013 |accessdate=June 17, 2013}}</ref>
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  • ...medical books, a wealth of literature on medicinal, aromatic and poisonous plants, dissertations on traditional and history of medicine, a wide collection of ...n for Development of a Regional Programmes<nowiki> on the Use of Medicinal Plants at the Primary Health Care Level [Working Paper]. For: WHO Inter-Country Sc
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  • ...and Therapeutic Validation. Vol. 32, 257-375. Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants.
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  • ...ecious flowers and sacred plants into a water or vegetable oil. Slowly the plants and flowers would infuse the water/oil with their delicate fragrance. The p ...the gods. To evaluate it in terms of modern science, this flower has many medicinal properties.
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  • ...d by [[marketing|marketers]] to have unusually high nutritional or dietary medicinal value, along with known claims and refutations regarding their efficacy. It]] [[dried]]. Wheatgrass is allowed to grow longer than malt. Like most plants, it contains [[chlorophyll]], [[amino acid]]s, [[mineral]]s, [[vitamin]]s a
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  • ...1=Zohara|last1=Yaniv|first2=Nativ|last2=Dudai|title=Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the Middle-East|url=
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  • ...ce performed experiments using carbohydrate compounds to slow the aging of plants.<ref name="The Deadly Years">''TOS'': "[[The Deadly Years]]"</ref> It is th ...explored by the [[Enterprise (NX-01)]]. In the 22nd Century, the pollen of plants on this planet had a powerful hallucinogenic effect that nearly caused Comm
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  • ...(Del) is a former Director, [[Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants]], CSIR, India.<ref>{{cite web|url= ...misinin]] and its derivatives as antimalarial drugs. His work on medicinal plants includes more than 250 papers and several patents. After studying at [[Delh
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  • ...he state, and other forest sources include non timber resources, medicinal plants etc. The region has the TTD board, the richest religious board in the count
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  • David Winston was born in 1956, and started experimenting with plants in the late 1960s by ingesting them and observing their effects. By age 17 ...e history of medicine, [[ethnobotany]], pharmacy, pharmocognosy, poisonous plants, mycology, [[botany]] and economic botany. The HTRL also has substantial ho
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  • ..._group.htm "International Research Group for the Conservation of Medicinal Plants"]</ref> ...R9ibTCjabSoEl-IH1w** "Traditional Medicines for Modern Times: Antidiabetic Plants "]</ref>
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  • ...of Rome]]. He is credited as being the first person to ever work with the medicinal knowledge of the Matses Indians. Since 1984, Gorman has spent at least thre
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  • ...nobotany]] and [[Medicinal plants|medicinal]] [[aromatic plants|aromatic]] plants. ...l-Plants-Uttarakhand-Livelihood-Conservation/dp/8176222097|title=Medicinal Plants of Uttarakhand: Diversity, Livelihood and Conservation: Chandra Prakash Kal
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