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Template:In-universe The Emirates of Ylaruam is a fictional nation located within the Mystara campaign setting, in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

Geography and climate

Located north of the Empire of Thyatis and south of the Northern Reaches, Ylaruam is noted for its deserts.



As of 1000 AC, the population of Ylaruam totaled 230,000 persons, the vast majority being human.


The most widely spoken language in Ylaruam is Ylari.



Ylaruam is noted for its textiles (cotton, linen, carpet manufacture), horse-breeding, salt-mining, glassmaking, tar, dates, marble, and mining (copper, gold, iron, nickel, and silver).


Ylaruam's standard coinage consists of the gold Dinar (gp), silver Dirham (sp), and copper Fal (cp).


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