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Template:Infobox comics character Pirena is the keeper of the Jewel of Fire. She is the smartest and most skillful among the Sang'gres. Outwardly cold, Pirena is consumed by the belief that she can rule Lireo much better than Minea. Impulsive and willful, Pirena will get what she wants. She is the most ambitious, scheming, manipulative, envious and selfish among the siblings. Because they share so many of the same personality traits, she always ends up quarrelling with the youngest of the brood, Danaya. Pirena was gifted with the power to create and control fire which is only boosted by the Jewel of Fire. Aside from that, she can also Shapeshift and take the form of any humanoid that she wishes.[1][2]


In the realm of Encantadia, sisters Alena, Danaya, Amihan and Pirena reign over four different kingdoms. Entrusted to them are elemental jewels, which each must guard to maintain the balance of nature. Pirena, however, was raised to be her sisters' worst enemy. Ambition drives her to sever ties with her sisters - threatening not only the harmony of the entire land, but the future of mythical beings.[3][4]


The story is set in the fictitious realm called Encantadia which has four kingdoms: Lireo, Adamya, Sapiro and Hathoria. It starts with Sunshine Dizon as Adhara who killing the sister of Marian Rivera as Ynang Reyna Mine-a, Max Collins as Amihan. The first queen of Encantadia, Solenn Heussaff as Cassiopeia, then divides the gem that helps keep the balance in the entire kingdom into four, to make sure it won’t fall into the hands of evil forces.

Lireo and Adamya get the elemental gems of air and water. Sapiro has the earth gem while Hathor has the fire gem. Peace is shattered when Hathor wants to possess all the other gems to rule over the whole of Encantadia. There’s the Lirean war and all the gems are given to Ynang Reyna Minea of Lireo for safekeeping. But danger lurks when Ynang Reyna has to leave and should choose a successor among her four daughters. She chooses Amihan (Kylie Padilla),named after her dead sister, and this leads the disgruntled Pirena (Glaiza de Castro) to rebel, steal the fire gemstone and side with the Hathors.[5]


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