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'Souls RPG is an online were-canine play-by-post role-playing game. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world devoid of humans, and instead, taken over by werewolves and regular canines alike.[1] The plot involves "a post-apocalyptic setting with an alternate history" including "wolves, dogs, and coyotes found themselves with the ability to shapeshift from their natural form to a humanoid two-legged form with dangerous, cat-like claws"[2] 'Souls RPG has been running since 2001.[3]


'Souls was first created on November 18, 2001 as Bleeding Souls. Although it began on the forum as a wolf RPG, it slowly developed to encompass more and more werewolves until this was the norm.[4] As 'Souls evolved over time, new rules, such as realism rules and character regulations, began to arise, and the overall quality of the forum rose. 'Souls was initially hosted on Ezboard from 2001 to 2007, but then moved to a self-hosted InvisionPowerBoard (IPB) in March 2007. In October 2012, the forum moved to phpBB.[5]


The plot at 'Souls is largely up to the players - through character development and interaction, they create original story lines within the larger setting of 'Souls. This setting is based on one major event in history: the spread of a virus which wiped out the majority of humanity.

'Souls picks up after the humans' demise. Originally, the RPG was set in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. However, in April 2008, a character set fire to a portion of the territory and the fire eventually consumed most of the packlands.[6] Following this, the setting of the RPG shifted to the northern Nova Scotian peninsula. Over the years, it gradually opened up and on December 26, 2011, it opened up to include a part of New Brunswick as playable territory.[7]


The werewolves at 'Souls are called the luperci, named after the Roman luperci, or "brothers of the wolf."[8] All luperci have three forms: their regular wolf form (lupus), halfling form (secui) and full werewolf form (optime). Canines are either born as a Luperci (luperci ortus) or changed into a luperci (luperci verto).[9]

All luperci have slightly longer lives than regular wolves. However, both have a relatively short infancy and life as a youth in comparison to humans and mature quickly afterwards.[10]


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