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Dan Rosca (born in Bucharest, Romania), known by his stage name 12 Finger Dan, is a German DJ and music producer.[1]


Growing up in Bucharest / Romania he and his family moved to Hamburg, Germany in 1983. In the late 80s, at 10 years of age, he had his first encounter with the HipHop culture. Musically he was influenced by the early works of EPMD, Biz Markie, N.W.A., Public Enemy and Eric B. & Rakim. In 1992, calling himself Hellraza, he wrote his first Raps in english right before he joined the Enemy-Crew (eventually Da Enemyz), a HipHop formation consisting of mostly his friends. After learning that the american rapcrew Sunz of Man also had an MC named Hellraza he changed his name to Soulkrates. In 1995 he discovered the art of DJing and produced his first mixtapes. One year later he met B-Base at a youth center in Hamburg-Stellingen who was working as a DJ and producer with Reimbanditen and Deutsche Reimachse at the german label Polydor. With B-Base producing some of Da Enemyz songs, 12 Finger Dan subsequently and with B-Base´s help came into contact with music producing.

1999 he quit his career as an active rapper and has been solely a DJ and music producer since. In Early 2000 he changed his name to First Dan before he eventually changed it to 12 Finger Dan.

In February 2005 B-Base and 12 Finger Dan founded the DJ and producer team Soulbrotha, which exclusively dealt with Soul, Funk and Boom-Bap-HipHop. In 2009 followed their first vinyl release called Collector´s Item,[2] containing co-works from some of HipHop´s biggest names such as DJ Premier, Craig G., Sadat X, Kev Brown and many more. After that followed the Connexion EP [3] in 2011, the That´s It EP featuring the german crew P!Jay in 2012 and another vinyl single with P!Jay and fashion brand Kingdrips.

Since 2010 he has been hosting the radioshow Backspin FM [4] together with Backspin Magazine´s CEO Niko Huels. Since July 2011 the show can be heard wednesdays on Tide 96.0 and thursdays on BMRadio.de. Between 2008 and 2013 he worked as an editor for the Backspin Magazine.

Nowadays he also is working as an audio engineer and has mixed severals projects from artists like Craig G., El Da Sensei, DJ Koss, Billy Danze, Beneficence, Masta Ace and Edo G.


with Soulbrotha

  • 2009: Collector’s Item (Album)
  • 2011: The Connexion EP (EP)
  • 2013: That’s It (EP, with P!Jay)
  • 2014: Echt zum Spiel/3 Emcees (Single, with P!Jay & Kingdrips)
  • 2016: The Golden Era Isn't Finished"
  • 2016: 2008-2015 (Album)


  • 2002: Albino - Vogelfrei (Album)
  • 2004: MVK - Gott und die Welt (EP)
  • 2005: Madcap - Traumland (Album)
  • 2005: Lenny Lobster - The Short Story (Album)
  • 2005: Albino - Kein Frieden (EP)
  • 2005: Das Syndikat - Echolot (EP)
  • 2006: Albino - Überlebenstraining (Album)
  • 2007: Flashmaster Ray - Hamburg am Mic (Album)
  • 2007: Independenzia - Freie Entfaltung (Album)
  • 2007: Chaoze One - Fame (Album)
  • 2008: Plan 88 - 88 Is Great (Album)
  • 2008: Callya - Vergessenes Feuer (Album)
  • 2008: Rebels to the Grain - There’s Something in the Seeds (Album)
  • 2008: Nut-Rageous (Nutso) - Nuts & Screws (Single)
  • 2008: Chaoze One - Letztes Kapitel (Album)
  • 2009: Freestyle Professors - Gryme Tyme (Album)
  • 2010: Albino & Callya - Im Augenblick (EP)
  • 2011: Flashmaster Ray - Der Boss am Bass (Album)
  • 2011: Beneficence - Sidewalk Science (Album)
  • 2012: Beneficence - Concrete Soul (Album)
  • 2012: Albino - Natura Libera (Album)
  • 2013: P!Jay - That Ain’t Hip Hop (Single)
  • 2013: Albino - Anderland (Album)
  • 2013: DJ Koss & El Da Sensei - We Want More (EP)
  • 2014: Flashmaster Ray - Flashback (Album)
  • 2015: Eljot Quent - Bilder und Zeichen / Batman ist tot - Remixes (EP)


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