2011 Asian Sports Karate Games

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Template:Primary Template:Underlinked Template:Asiad infobox The 1st Asian Sports Karate Games were held in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India at RVS college Auditorium, Sulur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India with many Asian country participants. With supports of International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) of India decided to conduct Asian Sports Karate Games with under the Rules and regulation of World Sports Karate Federation-WSKE.


The emblem comprises the picture of peaceful bird "PEACOCK" which represents Indian temple architecture, old coinage, textiles and continues to be used in many modern items of art and utility. More over we placed the Non-Olympic Logo circle which represents the 2nd Largest Sport Organization i.e. International Non-Olympic Committee organizing this mega event;

For the overall picture, it is a mixture of Indian cultures, art development, of India is to act as the host of the Sports-Karate Games.

In Japanese culture, kuro (black) is a symbol of nobility, age, and experience, as opposed to shiro (white), which symbolizes serfdom, youth, naiveté and determination to organize the 1st Asian Sports Karate Games 2012.(Thus the black belt is a mark of achievement and seniority in many martial arts, whereas in, for example, in many karate, a white belt is a rank-less belt that comes before all other belts. These ranks are called dan.)


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