2017 Huwara shooting

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On May 18, 2017, a shooting incident occurred near the Palestinian city of Huwara in the West Bank. A Palestinian mob hurled stones and rocks toward an Israeli car and tried to lynch the driver. The Israeli driver fired his pistol after he feared for his life.[1] A 23-year-old Palestinian man was killed in the shooting and an Associated Press photographer was lightly injured. The gunman was identified as a Israeli settler from Itamar.


On May 18, 2017, an Israeli from Itamar was driving in Route 60 through Huwara when his found his car mobbed by a crowd of Palestinian Arabs throwing rocks, a video shows him trying to continue driving to escape the attacking mob. The video shows a Red Crescent ambulance swerving across the road to block the Israeli driver's path. The video then shows the mob hitting the car with rocks, damaging his windshield. The Israeli exited his vehicle, shooting on the crowd, killing 23 years old Mutaz Bani Shamsa, and lightly injuring Majdi Eshtayya, an Associated Press photographer.[2][3] The video shows the mob backing off as the Israeli exits the car with his gun.[4]

Some of the demonstrators were brought to the scene for the purpose of blocking the road.[4]

Legal proceedings

The driver of the ambulance was arrested [4] At least one of the rioters was arrested. A bus believed to have brought rioters ot the scene was impounded.[4]

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