2020 Ghent stabbing

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Template:Use British English Original short description: "Stabbing attack"

Template:Infobox civilian attack On 2 February 2020, a woman with a knife attacked two people, one of whom was stabbed in the stomach, on Bevrijdingslaan in Ghent, Belgium.[1] A police patrol in the vicinity intervened. The attacker was shot through the hand by police who then handcuffed and arrested her. A man was also arrested at the scene and is believed to be involved in the attack. The injured were treated before being taken to hospital. Their conditions were not life-threatening.[1]

On 3 February, the East Flanders parquet announced that the woman had earlier injured two people with a knife in the Ghent suburb of Mariakerke. Around 15:55 local time, a 26-year-old man was stabbed in the Oranjeboomstraat, resulting in life-threatening injuries. Around 16:05, a 37-year-old woman was injured in the Korte Rijakkerstraat. The parquet said it pursues an arrest and prosecution for attempted murder—a possible motive would be a voice in her head that told the suspect to make as many victims as possible.[2]

The 26-year-old suspect's lawyer said she was an adopted child from Haitian origin who landed in institutions after a suicide attempt. On the day of the event, she reportedly rang at her adoptive family's door to ask money for a project she wanted to start. The person who opened the door and who was the first victim stabbed, is her brother.[3]

The attack occurred on the same day as a knife attack in Streatham, London.[4][5][6][7][8][9]Template:Relevance inline


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