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ABRY Partners is a private equity firm headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts that focuses on investments in media. Since 1989, the firm has completed over $62.0 billion of leveraged transactions and other private equity and mezzanine investments, representing investments in more than 550 properties.

The company's name derives from the initials of its two founders, Andrew Banks and Royce Yudkoff.[1]

Current and previous areas of investment include cable television, publishing, radio and television broadcasting, and other media and communications sectors.[2] Notable past, present, and future investments include Act III Broadcasting, Cygnus Business Media, Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Muzak Holdings, Legendary Pictures, Consolidated Theatres, F+W Media, Language Line, Citadel Broadcasting, Monitronics and RCN Corporation.


Previous ABRY logo, in use through 2010

ABRY Partners was found in 1989 by Andrew Banks and Royce Yudkoff, two former Bain & Co. alumni.[1] In June 1990, Qintex Entertainment sold its stake in HR Broadcasting Co., which owned two TV stations, to ABRY Communications, an ABRY Partner company.[3]

Abry Broadcast Partners II and Perry Sook, a TV investor, created Nexstar Broadcasting Group in 1996. Nexstar was taken public with Abry holding onto a controlling interest.[1]

In October 2010, ABRY Partners acquisition of Outsourced staffing provider 'Comforce Corp' (CFS) for $84.8 million.[4]

In August 2015 ICANN President/CEO Fadi Chehadé announced that, after his term ends, he will take the position of Senior Advisor on Digital Strategy for ABRY.[5]

Selected Investments

Notable past investments include Cygnus Business Media, F+W Media, Muzak Holdings, Legendary Pictures, Consolidated Theatres and Citadel Broadcasting. In addition, Abry has invested in Act III Broadcasting,[6] Atlantic Broadband,[7] B&H Education[8] Kidz Bop,[9] Nexstar Broadcasting Group,[10] and Thomsons Online Benefits[11]


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