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ARC Ratings, SA (ARC Ratings) is an international credit rating agency, with headquarters in Lisbon and other offices in London, Johannesburg, Harare, Lagos, London, Kuala Lumpur, Malé, Mumbai, Nairobi, Paris and São Paulo.

ARC Ratings was founded in 1988, as Companhia Portuguesa de Rating (CPR). On 7 November 2013, CPR was converted into ARC Ratings, as a joint venture between the Sociedade de Avaliação Estratégica e Risco, Lda (SaeR) of Portugal, the Credit Analysis and Research Limited (CARE) of India, the Global Credit Rating Company Limited (GCR) of South Africa, the Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad (MARC) of Malaysia and the SR Rating Group of Brazil.

ARC Rating touts itself as an alternative to the "Big Three" global credit rating agencies.[1]


  1. Sujata Rao; Carolyn Cohn; Alison Williams (Nov 13, 2013). "CARE joins four others to launch global rating agency". Reuters ( Retrieved 17 October 2015. "Credit ratings organisations from five countries are launching a new global agency, touting themselves as an alternative to the Big Three agencies which they say no longer meet the needs of the new globalised world. In a statement on Tuesday, ARC Ratings said the agency would launch in London as a joint venture between CPR of Portugal, CARE Rating of India, GCR of South Africa, MARC of Malaysia, and Brazil's SR Rating." 

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