A Home for Curiosities

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A Home for Curiosities is a fictional short film by Ben Tobin released in 2019.[1]


A boy named Wally (Nate Ruth) discovers a home for forgotten imaginary friends, and resolves to find a way to help these 'Curiosities' find new purpose.[2]

Awards and festivals

  • The CUNY Film Festival 2019; winner Best Narrative and Best Cinematography[3]
  • Universal Kids Film Festival 2019-Official Selection Short to The Point 2019- winner Best Children's Film[4]
  • San Diego International Children's Film Festival-official selection[5]
  • ORCHIDS Children Film Festival Official Selection[6]
  • The Best Actor Awards 2019; winner Best Child Actor-Nathaniel Ruth[7]
  • Independent Short Awards 2019; Official Selection winner Best Children's Short, Best Child Actor, and Best Supporting Actress[8]
  • Boston International Children's Film Festival; Official Selection
  • The International KidsNFilm Festival; Official Selection[9]
  • International Film and Video Festival «Catharsis»; Official Selection[10]
  • Will Rogers Motion Picture Festival; Official Selection[11]
  • Nepal International Film Festival-[Nominee for Best International Children's Film] [12]
  • Festival Audiovisual Infantil y Juvenil (FICAIJ)-[Official Selection] [13]
  • South Film and Arts Academy Festival-[Winner - Best Supporting Actress, Best Young Actor, Best Fantasy Short, Second Audience Choice Award, honorable Mention best Film Score Mathias Rehfeldt best makeup Tony O'Brien, Best Poster for Vikki Zhang, honorable mention for editing and costume][14]
  • Branson International Film Festival-[Official Selection][15]


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