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A K M Abdul Awal Mazumder

A K M Abdul Awal Mazumder [1] (Template:Lang-bn)[2][3] is a teacher, veteran civil servant, writer[4] and spokesman [5] of good governance. A former secretary to the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, he is known as an advocate of ethical practice, moral education and philosophy. He is a Hubert Humphrey Fellow.[6] He was Chief executive officer (CEO) of various organizations,[7] a Deputy Commissioner and a District Magistrate.

Early life

He was born on 1 March 1957 [8] in the village of Basonda, Nangalkot Upazila, Comilla district, East Pakistan. His father was Moulobi Sayedur Rahman, and his mother was Saira Begum. His father passed Dawara in 1924 from Deoband Islamic Madrasa (now university) in India. His father was the first educated person of the village of Basonda. Mazumder's mother was a self-educated person. Mazumder is the youngest of his parents 11 children. Two sisters - Mariom and Aklima and one brother Ruhul Amin died before his birth. His eldest brother Mohammed Ibrahim was 27 years old at the time of his birth.


Mazumder was admitted to the Montali Primary School in 1963. He passed the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination from Batisa High School of Chouddagram thana of Comilla district in 1973 and passed the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination from Comilla Victoria Government College in 1975. He got scholarships in both the exams. He obtained his undergraduate BSS (Honors) degree in Political Science from the University of Dhaka in 1979 (held in 1980) and passed MSS on the same subject in 1980 (held in 1982). In order of merit, he obtained the 4th place in BSS Honors and stood 1st class second in MSS. Due to severe session jam in the University of Dhaka in the 1970s no exam could take place in time so Majumder had to spend six and a half years to complete his BSS and MSS in place of 4 years. He successfully completed a graduate diploma from Johns Hopkins University under the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program in 1993-94. He underwent advanced training programs at Cambridge University and the University of London in the UK and at Indiana University in the USA.

Family life

He married Dr. Nilufar Yasmin on 24 April 1987. Yasmin is currently serving as a consultant in gynecology at Maternity and Child Health Training Institute in Azimpur, Dhaka. The couple has two daughters.

Participation in the liberation war

Mazumder took part in the liberation war of Bangladesh at the age of 14 in 1971.[9] He was a regular member of the Bangladesh Liberation Front (Force) or Mujib Bahini. He got arms training at Rajnagar BLF camp under Belonia subdivision of Tripura state of India.[10] Mazumder was an activist in the 1969 Movement and the historical General Election of 1970. He led a delegation to the Chairman of the Raykot Union Parishad to ask the Chairman to resign from his post and sever relations with the Pakistani government and join the Bangalee nationalist movement in 1969. His brother Abu Taher Mazumder was also a Bangladeshi freedom fighter.


Mazumder started his professional life in 1983 as a lecturer in Political Science at the University of Rajshahi. He left his job at the university on October 27 of the same year and joined the Bangladesh Civil Service as a member of a regular batch of the Administration cadre. Mazumder’s position was 32nd out of 361 officers in his batch. The number of intakes in administrative cadre (service) was 191 and he was 15th out of 191. His initial rank was “Assistant Commissioner and Magistrate”. He was gradually promoted to the highest rank (Secretary to the Government) of the civil service. [11] He had been the secretary to the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh for almost 7 (seven) years. During his 33 years of government service, he held various important positions, such as, Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate of Faridpur District, Deputy Secretary in Cabinet Division and in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Joint Secretary in Cabinet Division and Local Government Division, Director General / CEO of Bangladesh Rural Development Board (BRDB), Chairman / CEO, Land Reforms Board (LRB), Director General/CEO of National Academy of Planning and Development (NAPD)[12] and Rector / CEO, Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center (BPATC).[13] He held the second highest bureaucratic post of Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Food and Disaster Management and Ministry of Agriculture. He was the Secretary in the Ministry of Science and ICT and in the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MOPME).

Writing and research

AKM Abdul Awal Majumder [14] has written 12 books on public policy, history, politics, good governance, moral education and memoirs. His best sellers [15] are Shishuder Chatro APJ Abdul Kalam, Bangladesh Civil Servicer Itihas, Medavittic Civil Service and Americar Itihas o Rajnity. Now he is working on three new books.

List of published books

1. The history of Bangladesh Civil Service (বাংলাদেশের সিভিল সার্ভিসের ইতিহাস)[16] 2. The roots, saplings and lands (শেকড় লতাপাতা ও ঠিকানা)[17][18] 3. The Judiciary of Bangladesh and trial of lower courts (বাংলাদেশের বিচার ব্যবস্থা এবং নিম্ন আদালতের বিচার)[19] 4. Corruption, good policy and good governance (দুর্নীতি, সুনীতি, সুশাসন) [20] 5. The History and Politics of America ( আমেরিকার ইতিহাস ও রাজনীতি) [21] 6. Life Sketch of APJ Abdul Kalam (শিশুদের ছাত্র এপিজে আব্দুল কালাম) [22] 7. Rights and Recognition of girl children and women (অপুত্রক মুন্সী তোফায়েল আলী মজুমদারের পুত্রগণ) [23] 8. Life Sketch of Jimmy Carter (শান্তি ও মানবতার দূত জিমি কার্টার) [24] 9. Some history and some memories (কিছু স্মৃতি কিছু ইতিহাস) [25] 10. Good governance (সুশাসন) [26] 11. You can also be the best (আপনিও হতে পারেন সেরার সেরা) [27]12. Meritocracy (মেধাভিত্তিক সিভিল সার্ভিস)

Other Activities and Achievements

Mazumder served as Assistant Returning Officer in the National Elections of 1991 and 1996, and as Returning Officer in the National Elections of 2001. He vested all efforts to facilitate free, fair and acceptable elections and succeeded on all three occasions. As the Upazila Magistrate and Additional District Magistrate, he disposed thousands of cases that had been kept pending for a long period. His efforts in clearing the case backlog while ensuring justice were recognized by formal letters of appreciation from the Divisional Commissioner of Dhaka, Mr. Ahmed Mahmudur Raja Chowdhury. Mazumder also received letters of appreciation multiple times from District Commissioner Mr. M. Shafiul Alam, under whom he served at district administrations of Kishoreganj and Mymensingh. Mazumder tried his best in all working places to provide best service delivery, do justice and establish good governance. He fought against corruption everywhere and earned the reputation as combative one against corruption. According to his views, Heads of the departments are the real actors of combating corruption. Corruption is bound to be reduced, if CEOs remain honest, visualize their neutrality, integrity, courage, leadership and takes strong initiatives to combat corruption. Mazumder was the National Vice-President of Bangladesh Scout, Senate Member of Dhaka University and Jahangirnagar University, syndicate member of Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET), Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET), Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET), Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) and Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Tangail. He was the chairman of the Governing Board of Bangladesh National Institute of Bio-technology (NIB), Bangladesh Science Museum, Bongobandhu Novo Theatre and National Academy of Primary Education (NAPE) and Vice Chairman of Bangladesh Computer Council. He was the member of Board of Directors of Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) and Palli Korma Sahaiok Foundation (PKSF). He was the Member of Board of governors of Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) and Member Secretary of the Board of governors of Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center (BPATC) and National Academy of Planning and Development (NAPD). He was the Dhaka University Correspondent of the daily Morning Post from 1979-1982. Mazumder was elected the General Secretary of the Student's Union of Mantali Junior High School in 1969 at the age of 12. He had been a member of American Alumni Association in Bangladesh. Currently he is the Vice-Chairman of Bangladesh Training and Development Society (BSTD), Life member of Dhaka University Alumni Association and Salimullah Hall Alumni Association. At present he is engaged in writing books and delivering lectures in various Universities of Bangladesh.


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