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Adaptavist is an international software development and consultancy company headquartered in London, England with offices in London, San Francisco and Munich. Adaptavist works with companies to improve their application lifecycle management processes (ALM) through the use of Atlassian software.[1] They also customize Confluence Wiki (software) [2] and JIRA software.

In 2010 Adaptavist developed Civil Pages for The National Archives,[3] which courted some controversy when launched.[4]

In December 2014, Adaptavist acquired the Script Runner plugin for JIRA.


Adaptavist was founded in 2005 in the UK. Its San Francisco office was opened in 2012 reflecting Adapatavist's growth in North America, which represents 60% of its revenue.[5][6]

Adaptavist provides managed services and support services[7] around the Atlassian toolset. The company also develops Atlassian Addons that extend the functionality of Atlassian tools or integrate it with other systems.

USA UK (Headquarters) Germany
Adaptavist Inc.

951 Mariners Island Blvd Suite 300 San Mateo California CA 94404 Ltd.

35-39 Old Street London United Kingdom EC1V 9HX

Adaptavist Germany GmbH

Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1 80992 München


Awards and status

Adaptavist is a global Platinum and Enterprise Atlassian partner.[9] They won the award for the most downloaded Atlassian plugin 2010, 2011 and 2012.[10] In 2014 they won Atlassian's award for the most technical partner.[11]


Template:Advert section Adaptavist develops plugins to the Atlassian ecosystem. The products are made available in a mixture of free, freemium and commercial models.

  • Free
    • Attachment Download for Confluence - Provides a fixed URL for your attachments that doesn't change and respects the permissions you've set in Confluence.
    • Create Page for Confluence - Helps users to create pages in the right place, with the right template and correctly formatted page title.
    • Footnotes for Confluence - Quickly and easily add footnote references to your Confluence pages
    • Label Tools for Confluence - Organise your content with Labels
    • Page Information for Confluence -Allows display of various bits of information about pages and blog posts in Confluence
    • Rate for Confluence - Easily collect and display user-ratings on pages and blog posts
  • Commercial
    • Community Forums for Confluence - Lets you add online forums straight into your Confluence pages so that your teams can create and discuss any chosen topics in a collaborative, online environment.
    • Content Formatting for Confluence - Provides a set of Free and Premium macros that help you to create beautifully presented wiki pages. Upgrade to Premium and gain access Tabs, Progress Bars and many other macros.
    • 40x40px Forms for Confluence - Helps you create custom forms to gather and manage data from users, directly on Confluence pages. You have full control of the fields, their layout and you can validate the input, autocomplete a logged-in user's details and protect yourself from spam.
    • Notifications for Confluence - Lets you subscribe whole groups of Confluence users to news updates, it also extends the standard Watch capabilities through entire page hierarchies.
    • ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server/Stash - Enhance Bitbucket Server/Stash with a scripting interface that offers easy access to workflow automation and customization. Define a default set of Approvers (including mandatory users or groups). Synchronise your cloud repositories with Server.
    • ScriptRunner for JIRA - Execute admin and workflow functions as scripts written in groovy and other scripting languages, without having to write a full-blown Add-on.
    • 40x40px ThemeBuilder for Confluence - ThemeBuilder gives you the power and freedom to customise your instance of Confluence so that it looks exactly how you want it.


In 2015 Adaptavist began a long term partnership with Force India


  • Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO
  • Dan Hardiker, Chief Evangelist
  • Tom Lasparini, COO
  • Gary Stevenson, Global Head of Sales


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