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AdroitLogic is a privately held open source middleware technology solution company[1] that provides Service Oriented Architecture based enterprise solutions. AdroitLogic was founded[2] by Asankha Perera (V.P., Apache HttpComponents)[3] in January 2010 and is notable for its flagship product UltraESB, an open source Enterprise Service Bus. All the research and development are being conducted from its technical operations office in Colombo. The company was geared by one of its notable commercial agreements with Jesta Digital in the year 2011[4] performing a migration of their ESB cluster to open source AdroitLogic ESB.


AdroitLogic was incorporated in Singapore on 15 January 2010.[5] On 19 January 2010, the flagship product UltraESB was made publicly available.[6][7] The company was bootstrapped from the personal savings of Asankha Perera at the initial stage of the company. The original source code of the ESB was first written in 2009 and was called ‘LightBus’ at that time. By 2 October 2009 it was renamed to UltraESB[8]


AdroitLogic builds an open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) UltraESB,[9] as well as business integration software. Apart from these, they offer B2B integration solutions as well. These products extensively use Java technology for their development and operations.

  • UltraESB - The flagship product. An open source Enterprise Service Bus
  • AS2Gateway - AS2 protocol based B2B trading gateway and a file exchange gateway. Deployed as SaaS application[10]
  • AS2Station - A scaled down version of the product AS2Gateway. Provides AS2 connectivity for multiple partners as an on-premise deployment
  • APIDirector - An API management solution
  • EMW Framework - A middleware framework developed for integrating enterprise systems. Both the publisher-subscriber style one way flows as well as request-response flows are used in operation
  • IMonitor -An independent web application that has the capability to manage and monitor of ESB instances

Some of the product components are different implementations of the UltraESB Enterprise Service Bus. The business model of AdroitLogic centers around proving enterprise support services and consultancy for any of the above.


In March 2016,[11] AdroitLogic was selected to represent Infocomm Investment selected startups for the final Global Exchange program held at Singapore.[11] [12] [13]This selection was done for Global Exchange Program at Singapore through 'Xeleration' - a Startup Sri Lanka Initiative from SLASSCOM[14] (Sri Lanka Association for Software and Services Companies).

In May 2016, AdroitLogic was selected to represent Sri Lankan Technology startups at “InnovFest unBound 2016” held at Singapore by The Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) under the Spiralation[15] Tech Startup Support program.[16]

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