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Template:Infobox video game Adventure Time: Battle Party was a browser-based Unity Web Player multiplayer online battle arena game made by Cartoon Network and was based on Pendleton Ward's animated television series Adventure Time. It launched on on June 23, 2014.

The game was shut down on May 28, 2017, in part due to the discontinuation of NPAPI in major web browsers.


Cartoon Network announced on their blog that an Adventure Time MOBA game was in the works.[1]


The Player attacking the Minions

Like other Multiplayer online battle arena games such as League of Legends and Dota 2 the player and their team would take down the other team's base. Unlike other MOBAs, players couldn't level up their skill or buy items. Instead players customized their characters via pre-made"backpacks" that gave different stat bonuses. Matches could either be PVP or against AI. Matches end either when one team's base was destroyed or when time runs out. Upon time-out, the team with the most points won.

Game modes

Battle Party had only 3 game modes, each of this last over 15 minutes:

  • Practice mode: Was a 1v1 match where the player would face an A.I. of the game in the Candy Streets.
  • Players Vs Bots: Was a 3v3 match were three players would face 3 A.I. of the game in the Battle Lab.
  • Players Vs Players: Was a Ranked 3v3 match were 6 players would face each other in the Battle Lab.

Backpacks were sets of in-game items that gave the player's champion stat an increase. Each of these backpacks had over 5 different items where you could put points to increase the stats of your champion; you gained points by leveling up in a match, but you only could put over 4 points on an item. The cost for a backpack was over 350 coins.


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