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Ahmed Babikir (Template:Lang), also known as Abu Bakr As-sudani (Template:Lang), is a Sudanese-born British Islamic scholar, Imam, murshid and television presenter.

Early life

Babikir was born in Omdurman, Sudan.[1] He is a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad's companion (Sahabah), Abu Bakr, from whom he takes his name.[2]

He studied Islamic Sciences in Sudan under Shaykh Fatih Qaribullah son of Sayyidi Shaykh Qaribullah son of Shaykh Ahmed At-Tayyib. He has certified ijazah in various Islamic disciplines, including Maliki fiqh (jurisprudence), Hadith (prophetic tradition), Aqeedah (theology),[3] Tafsir (exegesis), Ta'wil a-ahadith (interpretation of ahadith),[2] Dawah, Tajweed and Tasawwuf, under the tutelage of scholars and sages of Africa and the Middle East.[3]

As a young man, he was initiated into the Sammaniya Tariqa (Sufi order)). He was granted ijaza (authorisation) as a spiritual guide by the sage Shaykh Fatih Qaribullah. He later received ijazas from other spiritual luminaries such as Shaykh Salih Jafari and Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani.[2]


In 1977, Babikir arrived in Britain.[1] He completed a degree in Mathematics and a Masters in Management at the University of London.[2] He organised and started his first programme at London Central Mosque in Regent's Park. He then went on to participate in the development of the North London Community Centre.[1]

Babikir currently works as the Imam of Islamia Schools Centre, which was founded by Yusuf Islam in 1983.[3] He delivers workshops and conferences promoting Muslim schools. He also delivers courses in different Islamic subjects in universities and Islamic Centres.[4]

In 2004, Babikir founded Ulfa Aid, which is an international humanitarian relief charity helping the poor and needy around the world.[5] He is also the Director and Founder of Rumi's Cave, a community hub in West London.[2]

Babikir also presents Islamic education programme 'Wisdom and Tea' which airs every Thursday at 7 pm on British Muslim TV.

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