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Airbrite is an e-commerce software company that helps small businesses and crowdfunding graduates process orders.[1] Founded in 2012, when it graduated from the incubator Y Combinator, it is backed by such venture capital investors as YC's financing arm, Ron Conway's SV Angel and others. The company is based in San Francisco, California.[2]

Airbrite was founded by Chris Tsai, Brian Nguyen and Peter Shih. It works with such early-stage hardware companies as Pebble and Lockitron. The company is part of a wave of startups processing orders for mobile- and tablet-based commerce. It uses Javascript and Node.js as the basis for its Open API.[3]

Controversial comments by co-founder

After Peter Shih made disparaging remarks about San Francisco ("all the girls who are obviously 4's and behave like they are 9's"; "I hate how the weather here is like a woman who is constantly PMSing"; "Why the fuck would I want to go anywhere if I have to choose between spending an hour on a bus where homeless people publicly defecate or an equally enraging hour of circling the same 4 street blocks trying to find parking on a 45 degree hill"),[4] he issued an apology. "There are no excuses for my poor judgment, so I make none", he wrote, "I take full responsibility that this mistake was completely my own. I don't deserve any forgiveness for the stupidity of my actions and words, but I sincerely hope to demonstrate by my future behavior to humbly build up and not tear down the communities and people around me."[5]

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