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Template:Infobox video game Alchemy is a computer puzzle game from PopCap Games.[1] This title can be played for free online at various websites minus some components, or a full version can be downloaded and unlocked for a fee. On mobile devices, the game can only be played if downloaded for a fee.


Alchemy was first introduced on August 29, 2001. The original version released for only available on the Windows platform. But in May 2002, a version was made for the Mac platform.[2] In June 2002, a version was released that was available for shipping.[3] In September 2002, a handheld version was released.[4]


File:Alchemy (computer game - screenshot).jpg
Sample screenshot from Alchemy

The object of the game is to turn a board of squares from lead to gold by placing randomly generated symbols called runes on every square.[5]

Each play consists of a rune of a random color and shape being generated by the computer. The rune must be placed directly adjacent to at least one other rune (either above, below, or to the left or right; runes located at a diagonal to the square have no meaning), unless the board is totally blank. All runes that are adjacent to the square where a rune is being placed must share its color or shape.[6]


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