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Ali Awada
علي عواضة
File:File:Ali Awada 2014-06-13 16-21.jpeg
Born (1996-10-08) October 8, 1996 (age 25)
khiam, Lebanon
Occupation Actor, director
Years active 2011–present

Ali Awada (born october , 1996) is a Lebanese actor and director.


Early life

Ali Awada A lebanese Actor/Model, Born on October 8,1996, And He is From A Lebanese Family. He is living in lebanon, He adores photoshoot and art, He was born to be on stage. The life of Ali Awada tends more to art and the world of TV , at a time when people were not interested in the world of lights and fame, was Ali Awada wants to be a famous actor and global, and the environment he lives in, do not care to the world of art , but that wasn't a problem for ali awada , he's working hard to reach his dreams and he never gives up.

As a director

He start his way directing short movies that was really a good beginning , he works alone without any help or support from anybody , but he believe in his talent

As an actor

Perfume By Lacoste featuring Ali Awada was the first work of art to him The full commercial of Lacoste latest Perfume collection "lacoste" featuring fashion and style Ali Awada in 2013 on youtube.

Personal life

He Grew up listening pop and R&B. He began to work as a Model at a young age. Ali Awada is a lebanese Actor/Singer/Model. Awada was born in khiam southern lebanon, And he love fashion and style, And he Never stop dreaming. He cares very much to be a beautiful appearance and fashion and style, and even in the pictures is keen to be in the most beautiful views. And He don't let the future scare him, just live in the moment.


As a director

As an actor

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