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Aline Khalaf (Template:Lang-ar; born 24 April[1] 1974) is a Lebanese singer.[2]


Aline Khalaf took part in the program for amateur singers, "Layali Lebnan", and won the Global Medal.[no citations needed here] This prize gave her a steady push into the world of show business. She began to perform in large restaurants.[no citations needed here]

She then signed with production company Relax-in-Company and produced her first album, Besat El Rih. Khalaf then released a second albumKhayfa Menak. When Ya Zein was released, she had become known in the Arab world. Wayed Wayed followed soon after and was a commercial success like her previous albums. However, it was her album La Ley Lah that made the strongest impact at the time. [no citations needed here]

Her next album Azz Alaya was released later and followed by Law Andak Kalam. Khalaf's most recent album, Sodfa, was released on the summer of 2005. Two songs from the album, "Sodfa" and "Meni leek" were made into music videos. Throughout her career, Khalaf has shot a number of her songs as music videos. Among these are "Wayed Wayed", "La Ley Lah", "Dala'a El-Habayeb", "Azz Alaya", "Law Andak Kalam", "Aloulak Eh" and "Ba3dak 3al Bal".[no citations needed here]

After the 2006 July War, Khalaf performed the song "Al Watan" ("The Homeland") in support of Lebanon.[no citations needed here]

In 2013, she released the single "La La Mesh Harjaelak" and participated in Lebanese Dancing with the Stars,[3] being eliminated seventh.


Studio albums


  • "Aloulak Eh" (2003)
  • "Al Watan" (2006)
  • "Al Asfour" (2006)
  • "Mish a'la elmi sahran" (2006)
  • "Ba'dak al bal" (2007)
  • "Farhit Aynaye" (2008)
  • "Shayfo" (2010)
  • "Albi Al Bareea'" (2010)
  • "La La Mesh Harjaelak" (2013)

Music videos

  • "Di Leila", directed by: Oussama Harik
  • "Khayfa Minnak", directed by: Mirna Khayat & Tony Aboulias
  • "Awlak", directed by: Mirna Khayat & Tony Aboulias
  • "Ya Zein", directed by: Pierre Saloum
  • "Ya Sababeeb El Shay", directed by: Akram Kaouk
  • "Wayed Wayed", directed by: Guy Zahlan
  • "Ya Sark Al Rouh", directed by: Guy Zahlan
  • "Ya Halaa", directed by: Salim El Turk
  • "La ly Leh", directed by: Salim El Turk
  • "Dalaa Al Habayeb", directed by: Salim El Turk
  • "Azz Alaya", directed by: Salim El Turk
  • "Hawelt Ansak", directed by: Salim El Turk
  • "Law Endak Kalam", directed by: Salim El Turk
  • "Aloulak Eh", directed by: Salim El Turk
  • "Sodfa", directed by: Caroline Labaki
  • "Meni Leek", directed by: Salim El Turk
  • "Al Watan", directed by: Fadi Haddad
  • "Baadak Al Bal", directed By: Randa Aalam
  • "Farhit Aynaye", directed By: Randalla Kodeih

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