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Template:Infobox comedian Allan Carcosia Laya Sr. (August 24, 1973 – March 11, 2017) is a Filipino guitarist and laborer. Born in the town of Alabel, Sarangani Province, Philippines. His remains was buried in Alabel Public Cemetery.[1]


Allan was born in Alabel, the capital town of Sarangani, a southernmost province of the Republic of the Philippines on August 24, 1973. His parents were Gregorio Piodos Laya, Sr. and Rosario Indino Carcosia. His father Gorio was a farmer in Alabel.[2]Allan never finished an education but he strive hard to learn by observation. He became his father's assistant in their farm.

When turned 19, he decided to worked at banana plantation in Alabel economic centre in Bgy. Maribulan as injector and chemical mixer. His monthly salary helped his parents for their needs. But after 15 years of serving the plantation they were expelled without valid reason, they fight the case but justice still not prevailed.[3]

Allan Laya is married to Rosalina Sope on March 15, 1997 and they have three children namely: Christian Jay, Lyka Jane, and Allan Jr.

Allan also world in BMEG[4] as pillet mixer in Polomolok. He went to Banga and worked in another banana plantation there but after 3 years the company undergone bankruptcy. Allan continued to farm in order to support his family's need. Together with his wife, Emily, they planted corn and other vegetables in a far flung farm in Bgy. Bagacay in Alabel. Poverty never stop his dream to brought comfortable life to his family. Allan suffered a pulmonary disease where he undergone six months medication.

In 2013, Allan engaged in driving tricycle. These brought great change to Allan's family.

Allan, for so long became a well known guitarist in their town. Aside from church services, Allan also play guitar in birthdays, matrimony ceremony, baptism rites, funeral rites and special evangelical gathering such as PREX and recollection.


  • Rosalina Sope Laya (spouse)
  • Christian Jay Sope Laya (eldest son)
  • Lyka Jane Laya (only daughter)
  • Allan Sope Laya Jr. (youngest son and transitory family name bearer)
File:Laya Family at Ladol Beach photograph by kaykay.jpg
The best day of my life is to with my family.
  • Gregorio Piodos Laya Sr. (father)
  • Rosario Indino Carcosia (mother)

Allan Laya-the gifted musician

Allan learned to play guitar when he was still young. He was so compassionate to learn how to play guitar by the helped of his father who also playing guitar.

File:Allan Laya Guitar1.jpg
Allan holding his guitar (2017)

He started to engage playing guitar at the church when he became involved in the Catholic Youth Ministry (CYM)[5], where he became president. Allan played guitar in San Isidro Labrador Parish in Alabel for several times. In 2016, he was the guitarist during the town's patronal fiesta.

He was guitarist of Gagmayng Kristohanong Katilingban (GKK)[6] of Sto. Niño, Barangay Poblacion, Alabel, Sarangani Province. Allan was also a visiting guitarist of GKK Sta.Cruz and other GKKs of Alabel. He met Jun Lumakad and they became tandem in various church services.

Allan became member of one of the choir in our church where he befriended with Mr. Eddie Entelizo and Mr. Bert Delvo.

The Tricycle Buddy

File:Tricycle driver.jpg
Waiting mode at the street

Allan learned to drive tricycle by the helped of his friend Jonathan Gulilao. In 2013, he drove tricycle.[7]

He became member of DOH Mini Tricycle Association. The waiting area of their association was located in front of Alabel Municipal Health Center. He joined the Association's Christmas Party last December of the 2016.[8]


It was Wednesday, March 8, 2017, 7:45 in the evening, Allan was inside the chapel to play for a bible service, himself requested. The service was almost ended when Allan felt different and sleepy. He was attacked by high blood pressure(HBP)[9] and caused him to collapse. The people inside the chapel were shocked and turned to panic. They called ambulance and they delivered Allan to the hospital. Allan was in comatose state. He need to undergone operation but his family decided no. He was sent Intensive Care Unit just secure his health. His tricycle was put to lease and lot was sold just submit him in ICU.

File:Allan at hospital.jpg
Allan Last Breath

March 10, the family signed a waiver to withdraw Allan stay in ICU, he was transfer in a private room. He was in a severe state.Priest came to anoint him with sacred oil. He died after 3 hours.[10]

Allan was died on March 11, 2017 at exactly 10:30 in the evening because of hypertension and other compication at Socsargen County Hospital , General Santos City, Philippines.[11]

Resting Place

He was buried in Alabel Public cemetery, Bgy. Spring, Alabel, Province of Sarangani on March 19, 2017.Many people went to his funeral and gave their deepest sympathy to Allan's family.[12]His tomb was coated with white.

File:Last Fairwell to Allan.png
Funeral Rites at the cemetery