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Alyas Pogi: Ang Pagbabalik (Filipino for Alias Handsome: The Return) is a 1999 Filipino action-drama film directed by Joey del Rosario and starring Ramon "Bong" Revilla reprising his role as the titular character. The film is the third and final installment of the Alyas Pogi film series.


A corrupt mayor (Tonton Gutierrez) intimidates and eliminates almost all opposition for his ambitions, including a rich landowner couple and the lawyer that voluntarily gives them help and his pregnant wife was killed by his power-mad younger brother Leo (Jeffrey Santos). Nevertheless, he never managed to kill the leader of the farmers.

Henry Cruz alias "Pogi" (Bong Revilla Jr.) was released after serving his sentence after getting arrested on the events of Alyas Pogi 2 to find his son Paris (Carlo Aquino) whom he was forced to adopt. He saw a harassment done by the Mayor's brother and his gang. He defended the woman and the hunchback and led the gang to the jail wearing only leaves. As they file the blotter, Captain Perez (Efren Reyes, Jr.) released them and mauled Henry and he was thrown out of the town.

He eventually find the place where his son would be. He found the one who adopted his son and his former getup, and his katana. The old man knew the truth and asks him why he never reveal his identity. His joy turned to terror when the Mayor's lawyer and the younger brother returns to warn the old man that if they don't sign the deal, the same fate what lawyer has experienced will fall to him. And when the brother saw Henry, the latter was badly mauled by the former. Seeing his son hates him for being a coward and the villagers leaving the place, that's where the last straw snapped. Meanwhile, another farmer couple was ran over by the police chief and the mayor's brother.

He dons his Alyas Pogi persona, with his hat and his katana on his back, he achieved bloody and gory vengeance first to the mayor's brother and his lackeys, decapitating and exterminating all of them using only his katana. Then he ambushed the police chief, amputating and beheading him. And he left the decapitated head of the Mayor's younger brother on his front gate while he discussed his plans to the foreign investors.

Henry returned to the old man's house and his son hugging him. The old man revealed that he was Paris' father after learning the weapon and the hat got missing. The next morning, they called an assembly. Unknown to them, there is a rat among the group that is revealed to be the old man's friend. He betrayed the identity of Henry as the exterminator of Nueva Ecija to the mayor while the mayor grieves his brother's death. As he and his men ready to kill Pogi, the whole town creates a noise barrage according to plan. As the police raided the house,they found no trace of him. The Mayor's rage turned to Paris and the old man and killed the traitor in front of him. They were later arrested.

Henry and Paris' adopted elder sister Roselle (Ara Mina) fled to the forest while the Mayor's henchmen was eliminated one by one in the forest. They hid on the forest until morning when the backup arrives with Hummers armed with machine guns and grenade launchers almost destroys the forest to drive them out. They fled to the waterfall.

Another farmer reported to them what happened to Paris and the old man. They were held and ready to be executed if he never appear. Some villagers tried to distract the mayor by claiming they are the Alyas Pogi they wanted. As the henchmen ready to kill the two,when Henry himself appeared. The Mayor angrily punched him and that's where the chaos started. As the two brawled, the farmers and villagers thrown spears and charged, killing the bodyguards but suffering losses on their side. As policemen, bodyguards and the henchmen opens fire, countless farmers willing to die for their cause charged with only shovels, spears, bolos, knives, axes, pick and their lives, charged and overwhelmed the defenses. The mayor flees to the town hall, with Henry in hot pursuit with only the Hummer's machine gun as a weapon. He eventually caught up with the mayor. As Roselle releases Paris and the old man, the Mayor's lawyer grins while trying to flee, only to get killed by the farmers. The chaos stopped when the town hall exploded when Henry kills the Mayor while wounding him and he goes out of the hall, wounded but happy.


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