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Andrew Franck (born Andreas Franck in the United States) is a composer, philosopher, multimedia artist and author. Franck began his performance career in the mid-1970s in New York City and Stuttgart, Germany. He currently lives and works in New York and the south of France.

As a composer and sound designer, Franck has written over two hundred works for chamber ensembles, film, dance and electronics. Performances at Washington Square Church, White Columns, the Kitchen, Goddard College, Columbia University, Roulette, MoMA, St. Mark’s Church, Inroads, Asylum, Penine Hart Gallery, Samaya Foundation, PASS, Kir Club Stuttgart, Albuquerque Performance Art, SFZC, The Lush-Post-Minimal Festival, Unison Arts, Thelemic Arts, Woodstock Artist’s Association and radio stations WBAI, WKCR, KTEP and WHS Amsterdam.

A founding member of Sounds Out of Silent Spaces, an experimental multi-media group which explored sound, silence, ritual and movement. He has worked with composers and musicians Philip Corner, Daniel Goode, William Hellermann, Charlie Morrow, Arthur Russell, Nigel Rollings, Dick Higgins, David Van Tieghem, Larry Simon and Ted Orr. Founding member of Irrespective Encounters outdoor music series, the Music Minus Melody Wind Quartet, the Lush Post-Minimalist Festival, luckyMission and The Hudson Valley Butoh. Franck has worked with numerous dance ensembles and dancers such as Phoebe Neville, Carolyn Bilderback, Laura Dean, Pamela Pribisco, Meg Harper, Elaine Summers, Experimental Intermedia, New Music / New Dance and Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo.

Franck's recordings include "One Breath Bardo," "Dances and Emanations," "Maps for Dreaming," "Surfacing",[1] "Configuring the Sound Ether: Music from Our Lady of Perpetual Motion," "By Chance and Appointment,"[2] "Remembering the Present Tense," "A Body of Drops and Winds"[3] and "In This Bath We Don't Get Wet." His soundtracks are featured in works for dance, film and performance art along with sound effects contributions lent to several avant-pop groups and ambient environments. His "Variations On A Theme By Conlon Nancarrow" was featured in Les Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo’s production of Merce Cunningham's Patterns in Space.[4][5] His composition, "Aria," features the French singer Cecile Allemand along with computer generated accompaniment. His current sound and visual montage performances of "Remembering The Present Tense" employs simultaneous multimedia events including projections of alchemical psychoemblemata, recorded voices, live music and narration.

Music studies with Manfred D’Elia, Gates Wray, Elias Tanenbaum, LaMonte Young and Philip Corner. Philosophy studies with Reiner Schurmann, Veronique Foti, Quentin Lauer, Ronald Brady and Manfred Riedel. In collaboration or corroboration with: Merce Cunningham, David Tudor, Buckminster Fuller, Alison Knowles, Charlotte Moorman,[6] Otto Wulff, Hagen Biesantz, Klaus Wilde, and Alfred Tomatis.[7]

Author of:

  • The Transparent Bride[8]
  • Re-membering the Present Tense
  • Mantras and Musical Solutions
  • Excoriated Light and The Holy Bodies Circuit
  • The Little Firmament
  • Cardiopoiesis - Circulation As Imagination
  • Circulation As Imagination
  • The Alchemical Circus
  • Musica Mercurialis Viva
  • Dreaming The Luminous Frontier
  • A Book of Dances
  • The Painted Trout
  • All-Nite Tackle Box
  • Butohmania
  • vespertine and after-snow
  • The Art of Porosity[9]
  • The Bud and Ray Books & Bud & Ray Arts:[10][11]
    • Bud & Ray's Museum of Negative Spaces
    • The Museum of Invisible Art
    • Two Artists, One Eye
    • Pan-American Limbo: A Geomantic Adventure
    • The Collective Response
    • Logik
    • Dyna-Grams and Art Transplants
    • The Philosophy of Disappointment
    • Our Lady of Lake Champlain
    • Heavenly Accord
    • Spank Bank: A Post-Modern Look at Rough Eros
    • Rhythm and Hues: Color in Action
    • An Archetextural Digest: A Map of the Body in Sixty-four Images
    • The Heartbroken Corpse
    • A Metabolic Primer
    • Psychometry and Total Recall
    • Astral Bodies
    • Configuring the Animal Body
    • Lovely Forces and Materials Exchange
    • Per Omnia Occula Occulorum
    • Buddha Log
    • The Ideal Curve
    • The Lovers Alphabet
    • W
    • Turn Left at Infinity
    • Budh &Ray: Without a Full Deck