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Annie Rupani عيني روپاڻِي
Born Template:Birth-date and age
Houston, Texas
Residence Houston, Texas, USA
Education Political Science
Occupation Entrepreneur
Years active 2010
Known for Miss Pakistan World 2010

Annie Rupani (Template:Lang-sd), was crowned Miss Pakistan World 2010[1][2][3] on 20 August 2010. This 21-year-old hailing from Sugarland, Houston, Texas USA is the eighth Miss Pakistan World.


This beauty queen, nicknamed "Ramadan Queen," was crowned in the month of Ramadan and the Miss Pakistan World event itself drew upon a lot of media[4][5] as it was being held in the crisis situation of the floods[6] that were taking place in Pakistan.[7] Rupani, won a title of Miss Perfect Ten for the best physique in the pageant as well as the winning title of Miss Pakistan World 2010. Rupani participated in the Miss Intercultural 2012 held in Miami, Florida in June 2012. Rupani placed Second Runner up at the Miss Intercultural 2012 pageant.


Rupani[8] is the owner[9] of Cacao & Cardamom[10] a chocolate company, with special spices from Pakistan and around the world mixed with chocolate. After getting crowned Miss Pakistan World,[11][12] Rupani studied all about Chocolates[13] in Malaysia and then furthered her knowledge in the USA.[14][15]

In January 2011, Rupani[16] openly supported Veena Malik,[17] a Pakistani actress who was being criticized for being on an Indian Television show, Bigg Boss (Indian TV series).[18] Rupani spoke in defence[19] for Malik[20] and said that it was unfortunate for Pakistan to have a male dominated society in which women were being victimized.[21] Rupani added that such clerics were targeting women in general so that they remain uneducated, submissive and weak. Rupani became one of the first few women to step up and support Malik.[22][23]


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