Aranye Maniac Killer Mystery

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Aranye (Bengali: অরণ্যে Araṇyē ) In the Forest) is an Indian Bengali Adventure Suspense Thriller Short film released in December 2014 and directed by Rocky Rupkumar Patra. It is based on a Psychosis killer lives in the wood of the jungle & killed who ever enter in the forest.[1]


A group of shooting team came to an jungle called 'Labanyadihi' to shoot their forest fiction Documentary, Contempt knowing that there is a rumors about crazy killer who killed numerous peoples who come to the forest before. They were enter in the forest with their guide. While shooting their film a helpless strange man 'Jagdish' suddenly met with them in the forest. And he lost in jungle and seeking help to get out of the jungle to feared of the crazy murder of the woods. During shooting their guide killed by crazy killer, and the map was stolen. On the incident they are heard some breathtaking information from jagdish about the killer and decide to leave the jungle immediately. But without lost the map they didn't find way,and also lost in jungle. Isha discover Leu's who will secretly spying them, Leu's seen them in the forest. Vicky and Sunny Request Leu for help to get them out of the jungle. After Vicky's asked about the crazy murder, Leu's told them about that he believe that any cruel man dose those things unlikely any crazy man. Soon they across the way and Leu realizing of missing 'Jagdish'. Sameer & Sunny going to find Jagdish but the crazy murderer hunt them one by one. After 15 minutes Leu & Vicky going to search of them in deep forest. They found Sunny & Sameer dead body. Suddenly Leu found a wrist watch which he seen before on Jagdish's hand.[2]


  • Rajkumar Patra[3] as Leu
  • Rocky Rupkumar Patra as Vicky
  • Indrani Toong as Isha
  • Priya Singh as Sucheta
  • Sayan Chakraborty as Sunny
  • Yudhisthir as Sameer
  • Surojeet Das as Romi
  • Tarit Chakraborty as Jagdish
  • Barun Singha Deb as Mukesh (Guide)
  • Ranjan Dutta as Mr. Roy
  • Paresh Choudhury as Alone Boy in Jungle
File:The main Cast Of Aranye, From left to right, Rupkumar, Sayan, Indrani, Priya, Surojeet, Rajkumar, Gopal, Tarit.jpg
The main Cast Of Aranye, From left to right, Rupkumar, Sayan, Indrani, Priya, Surojeet, Rajkumar, Gopal, Tarit



After watching some Hollywood movie like King Kong Rocky get an idea to make an adventure flick at forest. Rajkumar wrote the script co-operative with his brother story teller Rocky and his acting institute golden life and it is still going through the inception phase. the post production, Studio Raaj photo plaza 'SRPP' Production. the shooting will began from October and its released on end of the year. the actor 'Rajkumar Patra' cast some actors who worked before in his previous Tele film sudhu tomari, & also cast some new commor. Rajkumar also talk about his plans to make the next short movie in jhargram jungle that he will continue to add more new face, more talented, more hard working, more individuals who are struggling in Bengali film industry, to give them a bright chance to show their talent". [4]

Pre-Post production

The film has made in Golden Life Acting Modeling Institute And Developing in SRPP Production. The story and script done on May 2014, After workshop start from August 2014, The shooting took place on October 2014. Commitments by Rajkumar delayed the start of editing by several weeks after shoot completion.


Aranye Maniac Killer Mystery was shot in Jungle Mahal, Jhargram. in various locations in Chilkighar Forest. The whole shooting done within 4 days including the Mercy item song shoot.[5]


The short film was released on 31 December 2014 On YOU TUBE & online media channel.[6] The item song of the film also released on single Official Music Video album "Mercy" feat Rajkumar in the same year before the film released.


soundtrack from 'Live Studio' copyrighted by Golden Life Institute.

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File:Mercy Dvd Cover.jpg
Mercy single song dvd Cover

Home Media

Aranye Maniac Killer Mystery was released on DVD In January 5, 2015. In 2016 September Aranye Special Edition DVD release with special color treatment with extra deleted one snake shoot.


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