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As the Story Grows is a podcast that was originally known as Black Vinyl Collective.[1] The podcast has consisted of several different hosts. The podcast is released under Lavirra Productions,[2] a production company formed by host Travis Turner, guest host Seth Werkheiser, Jonathan Petkau (Respectively Loud Podcast) and Scott Mellinger (Zao).


The original hosts were Jesse Jeremiah (Veritas Vinyl, Grace & Thieves) and Greg Dimmick (ex-Empty Tomb, ex-Crux). Dimmick over time became less involved with the podcast over time, due to work. Jeremiah then hired Travis Turner (ex-Aletheian, Solamors, UnTeachers) to take over as co-host. The podcast remained as Black Vinyl Collective for 21 episodes before Jeremiah and Turner split ways. Jeremiah started a new podcast for his musical endeavor, Veritas Vinyl, a musical and reissue label. Turner kept the links for BVC episodes and remains friends with Jeremiah. Turner then hired on his cousin, Stephen Mark Sarro (ex-Tantrum of the Muse, UnTeachers) to co-host with him. While Sarro has not been on every episode since joining on, many of the episodes he was not on featured, guest host and Turner's good friend, Seth Werkheiser[3] (ex-Noisecreep, ex-Pink Daffodils, Skulltoaster, Buzzgrinder) took over. Since 2016, Sarro has not appeared on any episodes so far, and will not appear on any future episodes, while Werkheiser has been on three-four. Jacob Russell was on the "Aaron Stone (My Epic)" episode.

Other Projects

On the 25th anniversary of Megadeth's album Peace Sells... But Who's Buying, Turner and his guests for the Megadeth Tribute, Alex Kenis and Bruce Fitzhugh, released a cover track of "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due".[4][5] Turner has hinted at more covers to come from him and others. In an episode, he stated that Eric Hall of the Shoot the Shred Podcast, Josh Toomey of the Talk Toomey Podcast, as well as former Primer 55 bassist, and Brandon Kellum of American Standards have already recorded the next cover.

List of Guests

The following is a list of people that have been featured on both the Black Vinyl Collective and As the Story Grows in order of appearances since BVC:005 as the first four episodes are no longer on the feed of the podcast.

Black Vinyl Collective

As the Story Grows


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