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BLOX City is a 3D gaming environment where users can collaborate with building, online forums, and even participate in a virtual economy. Contrary to popular belief, BLOX City has no affiliation with a previous website by the name "World2Build". BLOX City is often compared to ROBLOX due to both games being a 3D building platform but also has no affiliation with the company.


As of when this subject was written, no games have been released onto BLOX City. The game engine they are using on the website has been controversial as the owners of the website have requested feedback on the forums. The development team are thinking about using an edited version of Unreal Engine.[1]


The development of BLOX City's game system is manned by the owner Isaac Hymer, commonly known as "g0dfrey" on BLOX City and an administrator known as "slixxed". The website was created by Isaac Hymer and Brennan Pfeiffer.[2]


General information on the website, apart from the game play. Ex. Forums, Shop, Groups


This is the most popular area of the website. There is a large community of forumers on BLOX City. However, many of the subsections of the forum are rarely used.[3]

Virtual Shop

A place where you can buy virtual items for your character. Some things that you get include: accessories, hats, and clothing. Users can create t-shirts, shirts, and pants.[4]


Players on BLOX City can create their own groups. Each group costs 25 Cash, a type of currency the website uses. Players have the ability to customize their groups with different ranks and rank permissions. Each group has their own group image or logo too.

Account Memberships

There are many memberships on BLOX City. Memberships available to users include: Regular, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.[5]

A chart showing different perks certain memberships give players.

Membership Type Daily Cash Max Groups
Regular 0 5
Bronze 5 10
Silver 15 30
Gold 35 50
Platinum 65 100


The economy on BLOX City contains two types of currency: Cash and Coins. Each player is awarded 10 coins as a daily award, players with memberships are awarded Cash. Daily Cash award amounts are based on membership. The global website tax is 10% in both currencies. Players can convert their coins into cash and cash into coins on the rate of 1 Cash = 10 Coins.[6]


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