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BaubleBar is a New York City-based[1] fashion jewelry company, that was started in 2010 by Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky.[2] BaubleBar began as an e-commerce company, and later expanded into physical retail spaces. BaubleBar has collaborated and partnered with other companies, designers, and celebrities to launch and promote collections and brands. Investors in BaubleBar include Accel Partners, Greycroft Partners,[3] Burch Creative Capital, Aspect Ventures, and Hubert Burda Media.[4][5]


Early days

Jain and Yacobovsky had been working on what would become BaubleBar during their last year at Harvard Business School.[1] They identified a gap regarding price points in what was available for online jewelry pieces;[6] they were either very high, for items that were expected to last forever, or very low for pieces that were cheap quality.[1] What was missing was trendy and affordable fashion jewelry.[7] The two began to host shopping parties, in their apartments, and later launched a closed website to sell the broad range of products they sourced. They closely monitored their customers’ buying patterns.[8] Once they realized that nearly a third of first-time buyers became repeat customers,[1] including people they did not personally know, Jain and Yacobovsky determined that[8] what had begun as a project was becoming a viable business.[1]


BaubleBar raised $4.5 million in its series A funding round in July 2012. Accel Partners and Greycroft Partners provided this capital, which was to be used for hiring and marketing as the company continued to grow.[3] A series B funding round raised $10 million in July[9] 2014; this was led by Burch Creative Capital.[10][11] The plans for this funding included expansion efforts related to logistics and shipping software development and expansion of stand-alone stores and partnerships with retailers Nordstrom and Anthropologie.[12] A series C funding round in January 2016, which raised $20 million, was led by past investors Accel Partners, Greycroft Partners, Burch Creative Capital, and Aspect Ventures. New investors included Hubert Burda Media.[5][4]

Design and production

BaubleBar owns its entire supply chain and has developed very unique and efficient sourcing capabilities[13] which result in a "very compressed design and production chain" leveraged to "design and merchandise around real-time data and trends" in the marketplace.[14]

Partnerships and collaborations

BaubleBar has partnered and collaborated with other companies and celebrities. On multiple occasions, it has partnered with DKNY’s design team.[15] In November 2012, BaubleBar launched a collection with nail polish brand Essie; the collection featured perfectly coordinated nail polishes and bangles.[16] Beginning in March 2014,[14] BaubleBar opened pop-up shops in Nordstrom stores,[9] which featured merchandise exclusive to this retailer.[14] These shops were called "Nordstrom Loves BaubleBar".[17] BaubleBar noted that some of the advantages of this partnership included adding an offline component to the business and the ability to service customers throughout the US.[18] Through another partnership, BaubleBar merchandise is sold in Anthropologie stores.[19]

BaubleBar partnered with Jawbone, in 2015, to create and distribute a line of wearable tech bracelets.[20][21] Specifically, these were fitness trackers designed to resemble a woman’s wristwatch.[22]

It also has collaborated with Target to a new collection into their retail stores.[23][24] "Target’s first partnership in the jewelry and accessories area" was SugarFix by BaubleBar, which launched in early 2017 as a long-term agreement between the two companies.[25]

BaubleBar has a Guest Bartender program, in which celebrities are enlisted to curate a collection of BaubleBar’s creations that reflect their personal style.[26] The celebrities featured in the program include Olivia Palermo,[27] Emma Roberts,[28] Shay Mitchell,[26] and Coco Rocha.[29]


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