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Template:Infobox publisher Beacon Publishing Group, Inc. or Beacon Publishing is a publisher founded in New York in 2007. As of 2009, its audio book company is now part of Beacon Publishing Group, which is owned by AmeriHill Corporation.


Early history

Beacon Publishing was founded in 2007 by American entrepreneur Bobby Collins, two years after they acquired several catalogs from American and European publishers which equaled to roughly five thousand titles, which reprinted classic works of literature. In April of 2008, Beacon Publishing Group announced a merger of its publishing division for audio books, Beacon Audiobooks, ever since the company has fallen under the umbrella of Beacon Publishing Group.

Beacon Publishing Group has been the distributor for numerous subsidiaries since 2009. They also currently distribute many world renowned titles for public libraries, colleges, universities and high schools nationwide. The company also creates story content for media including video games, social networks on the web, and mobile platforms.



The publisher's main office in the United States is located in Long Island, New York with offices in South Carolina, Toronto and the United Kingdom. Beacon Publishing Group is one of the largest general book publishing companies in Canada with an Ontario office. The Group comprises nine publishing companies spanning all genres of literature and audio books located throughout the world. Beacon Publishing Group archive and library is located in Charleston in South Carolina.

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