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Benjamin Phillips
Born (1992-10-10) October 10, 1992 (age 29)
Bridgend, Wales, UK
Residence Wales, UK
Occupation Youtuber
Salary £400,000 (Estimate)
Net worth £350,000 (Estimate)

Benjamin Phillips is a British Internet personality and Youtuber known for his Pranks on his brother Elliot and sharing them via Facebook, Vine and Youtube of which he has amassed over 8.9 Million likes on his Facebook Page,[1] 3 Million subscribers and 574 million views on Youtube [2] and over 1 billion views across all of his platforms.

Online career

Ben Phillips is from Bridgend, Wales and started his Youtube Channel in September 4th, 2014.[3] Within a couple of months his channel had gained over 2 million subscribers[4] with over 8 million likes on his Facebook Page.[5] Phillips has stated on his Facebook bio "The biggest award or reward I have received and always will be knowing I've made the world smile 3.8 billion times (views)" " I decided to set my I phone up and record me pranking Elliot with the penny in a water bottle, the next thing I know I have over 8 million likes on my page and making pranks for billions to watch and smile."[6]

Ben Phillips Blows Up!

In 2016 it was announced by Comedy Central They were giving Phillips his own Reality TV show called Ben Phillips Blows Up being produced by Channel X. The main premise of the show being Phillips continues to "Prank his brother", Elliot, But they "Backfire" eventually this time.[7]

Account hijacking

Phillips had announced on 9th of march, 2015 that someone had Hacked his Vine account and had deleted all his videos Phillips stated "Jealous Hackers" "I'm thinking it's because of all the recent press I've been doing about my success with Vine," he tells the BBC Newsbeat.[8]


Fake pranks

Phillips has been accused by several big Youtubers and Celebrities including Marcus Butler[9][10]exposing him for his fake pranks; One prank featured him "Kidnapping" his brother by pulling him out of his bed while sleeping, putting him into the car Boot and taking him to a remote location and then revealed how it was a prank. Many of his fans went on to criticize the prank calling it "Fake" and how someone can still sleep while being dragged out their bed.