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Binfire is a privately held project management, task management and web-based collaboration software company.[1] The company's focus is providing Software as a service (SaaS) project management, task management and collaboration tools for small and medium-sized businesses working with remote teams.[2]Template:Unreliable source?


Binfire was founded in 2010 by David Robins, former director of software engineering at Polaroid Corporation with a $500,000 investment from angel investors. Binfire was originally developed as an online file hosting service with collaboration features.[3]Template:Unreliable source?[4]Template:User-generated inlineTemplate:Dead link At the end of 2010 the product evolved into a project collaboration software with project management components.[5] In 2016, Binfire moved to New York City and has developers in USA, Israel and Romania.

In July 2016, Binfire secured another round of private financing from a group of private investors.[6]Template:Primary source inline


Binfire uses Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) methodology for task management as part of project management. Binfire's features include hierarchical tasks and milestones with the ability to assign dependencies, the ability to tag tasks & milestones for quick search and organization, interactive Gantt, the ability to follow and unfollow tasks, group chat, an interactive whiteboard for brainstorming and presentations, status reporting, an online project folder and the ability to track any file or element within the workspace. Burn-down chart is added to all projects since 2015 [7]

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