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BlackMotor Corporation is a technology company started in January 2009 by James Black CSE and Trisha Woods. Shares of Ford Motor Company were at 99 cents a share. James Black CSE came up with the idea to couple the copyrighted technology PRINE with ULUV (Ultra Light Utility Vehicles). The small vehicle can be controlled and driven by IP protocols that are delivered by Wi-Fi and satellite signals. BlackMotor Corporation specializes in IED detection vehicles, drone vehicles, MOUT systems and advanced internet technologies.

BlackMotor Corporation - ULUV - Ultra Light Vehicles

The ULUV vehicle can carry two people. It has a towing capacity of 1250 pounds. The vehicle has a range of 92.5 mi under full load with a 2 USgal tank. The vehicle is 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive. Production and testing took place at Fernald, Ohio during the winter of 2008 and 2009. The vehicles have now been fitted with ultra small computer systems that transmit data by the PRINE system. The ULUV platform is currently being used for mineral exploration and IED detection.

In 2010 BlackMotor Corporation developed a radio controlled plane that carries a small thermal camera. The camera has the ability to show thermal images in bright sunlight. The SHERBERT filter turns the ordinary video feed into a vivid color spectrum. Objects are easily identified by a sharp color contrast. This technology can be fed back to a distribution point.

BlackMotor Corporation - Website

BlackMotor Corporation has launched its full government vendor website. The company keeps with the traditional low cost vehicle configuration of Black Motor Company in the early 1900s. The low cost vehicles are being vended to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Other government agencies include DARPA and the TSA.

BlackMotor Corporation is offering additional services such as web hosting, cloud services and other mobile technology for vehicles. Due to the slow down in government spending BlackMotor Corporation has expanded into other areas such as business services and recreational vehicle technologies.

BlackMotor Corporation developed vehicles and mobile cloud technologies at Fernald, OH and Las Vegas, NV. The company then relocated close to the NASA Ames research center in Sunnyvale, CA.

BlackMotor Corporation has introduced a vehicle that can detect gold at great distances. BlackMotor Corporation has also incorporated the material index database to expand their current business in electronic gold recovery. September 2012

On February 19, 2013 James Black (founder / owner) passed duties and obligations of day to day activities to John Williamson and Trisha Woods. On October 13, 2014 he returned back to BlackMotor Corporation. . Fresh 2015 off road vehicles are being purchased for the up and coming projects. Drone technology is expanding and taking a new turn for solving logistical and practical applications. BlackMotor Corporation has an 8 year lead on the current drone technologies and applications. James Black CSE has released the drone compliant safety sensor technology. DCSS. The technology will require all drones to use this sensing device to avoid other objects. The sensor would keep any type of drone from being used to interfere with any other airborne, nautical or ground based entity. This will prevent drones from being requisitioned and diverted in to another object.

Current status

BlackMotor Corporation has developed, tested, manufactured, deployed and sold ground base drone utility vehicles. Drone controlled land, air and sea vehicles, serve systems, hardware, software, control interfaces, wireless networks and special use vehicles have all been developed by BlackMotor Corporation since 2007. Most technology and vehicles were completed by 2010. These systems and hardware have been used to inform federal agencies of drug terrorist activities such as those like CanAm Stopping service and Ecomtechnology. BlackMotor Corporation used remote computer devices, drones and mini mobile data centers to capture information and relay it to US Agencies such as the DEA, NSA and the FBI. .[1][2]


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