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Musical artist

Black Diamond: also known (as "The Mateen’s Band", and the "West Afro East Band" ), is a group of American musicians from Bakersfield, California that formed in the late-1970s.[1] The band is primarily known for doing gigs, and is recognized for the funk, hip hop, and reggae music they did in the 1980s. The band is also remembered for the remixes they did of popular top 40 songs which mainly consist of funk, and dub, hits they performed (as a cover band), before they began composing, producing, recording, and performing their own original material at music venues, such as Universities, pubs, club (organization's), night clubs, hotel partys, and parks, during the late 1970s, the 1980s, and 1990s.


The Black Diamond band emerged from Bakersfield, California in the late 1970s. The Mateen Brothers - "Black Diamond" started out playing music as a cover band, and as session musicians through the "Jamaican Musicians Union," in Montego Bay, Jamaica while on family vacation at young ages during the late 1970s and early 1980s.[2] The band's original members consisted of Roy Mateen (drummer), Tarus Mateen (bassist), Radji Mateen (saxophonist), and Selena H. (vocalist).[3] The band has also toured and performed alongside legendary reggae, Dub, and ska, music artist such as Freddie McGregor, from the mid-1960s Jamaican, "Ska," and "Rocksteady," (vocal) trio, called The "Clarendonians" the Black Diamond Band also worked with Judy Mowatt, who was a member of the mid-1970s Jamaican reggae, (vocal), trio called the "I Threes," as part of the "Jamaican Tour," they did through the "Jamaican Musicians Union," in 1979.[4]

The picture to the computer left in figure 1.1, dates back to 1980 a year after the The Sugarhill Gang), released "Rappers Delight" and a year after around the time King Tim & The Fatback Band released ("Personality Jockey"). Which is often considered to be the first recorded commercial released "Funk" and Hip Hop single that marked the beginning of the rap industry. Before Dr. Dre's group the 'World Class Wreckin' Cru, Electro funk, and Electro-hop existed. The band, is also credited for the performance they did at CSUB "California State University of Bakersfield," called "Hey Deejay..Were You Playing," and for the "Jamaican tour" they did in Montego Bay as members of the "Jamaicans Musicians Union," with international Jamaican, Rocksteady, and ska stars such as Freddie McGregor, and Judy Mowatt in the late 1970s.

The band is also credited, and famous for the early rap music they did on the west coast with the first west coast rap group based in Los Angeles, California called "Dark Star," formerly known (as "The Rappers Rapp Group"), during the 1980s. The Black Diamond members is also known for their on stage contributions as a band and their solo contributions to the early productions of southern hip hop mostly either on stage, or behind the scene (as Studio musicians), through independent hip hop production labels, mostly through a label called -"Organized Noize". The band is also known for the stage performance they did with the Goodie Mob for the group's "Still Standing" album release party event, during the late 1990s.[5][6][7] the band also did the theme music for the "King George- the King Who Ran for President" soundtrack back in the early 2000s. The Black Diamond Band, is documented among the first bands in central California from Bakersfield to make hip hop, jazz, soul, dub, and funk music along with other local bands and musicians from Bakersfield such as "Sweet Smoke", " "The Uncle Famous band," Sherley Anne Williams, "The Perri Sister," "The Reach Band" and classic Doowop vocal groups from Bakersfield back in the early-to-mid 1950s and 1960s such as "The Colts," and "The Paradons" which both formed during the same time period as the Bakersfield Sound. The "Black Diamonds," "Uncle Famous," "Reach," and "Sweet Smoke," are often compared to each other and credited by locals in the community for being "active musicians" or "active bands" that played a major role in Bakersfield, and Kern County's African American music history.

The band is known best for their affiliation with the 1980s rap group out of Los Angeles called "Dark Star" during the early '80s. In 1982, Black Diamond had re-connected with DJ Flash a founding member of Rappers Rapp Group who at the time was a mobile DJ in and around Bakersfield, California. He was also the musical director, and radio DJ in the afternoon at radio station "(KTKR), 1310 AM " in Taft, California. He went on to become one of the future MC's, and the first white rapper ever to get signed to a rap record label called the "Rappers Rapp Disco Company" in Los Angeles.[8][9][10] That same year, Black Diamond had done some recording sessions for "Darkstar's" new upcoming album .

File:Black Diamond Band.png
Figure 1.2 In 1981, DJ Flash was the first white rapper ever to get signed to a rap record label called the "Rappers Rapp Disco Co."

In 1983, the following year, "Darkstar" had signed a deal with "AVI Records" which at the time was a division of "MCA Inc." and recorded the west coast's first rap Ep called "Sexy Baby". The music for the entire album was done by "Black Diamond" no samples was use in the original recordings the beat was done by instruments. The "Sexy Baby" single (as Darkstar), has made 13 appearances consisting of 2 releases the "Sexy Baby " single (1982), and the "Sexy Baby " album which was released in (1983). The "Sexy Baby" single (as Dark star), has also appeared in 8-different mixed compilations by various artist, such as the "Various – West Coast Rap – The First Dynasty, Vol. 2," produced By "Rhino Records" in (1992), and "Eazy E & Posse," which was produced by the "Dance Factory," in (1995). The "Sexy Baby" Ep, (as Dark Star), also featuring "Black Diamond" has appeared in 6 different hip hop compilations produced in the Netherlands and released by a hip hop production label called "Street Dance" which consist of tracks that feature various artist such as the "West Coast Posse 2" compilation in (1997), the "Timex Social Club + Posse" compilation in (1998), the "Hip Hop Most Wanted" compilation in (2001), the "Dr. Dre & Posse" compilation in (1998), "Elektro Hip Hop Party Vol. 3" compilation in (1999), and the "Dr. Dre (2003)" compilation back in (2002).[11] The Black Diamond Band, is also known for the two soul albums and singles they produced, self-published, and distributed on Myspace, back in the early 2000s. Which consist of the "Black Diamond Single" in (2007), the "Black Diamond album" in 2008. The Black Diamond Band, also did the theme music for the film documentary called "King George: a King Runs for President," back in (2008).[12] The Black Diamond, line-up credited for doing the music for "Sexy Baby" album consisted of, Roy Mateen (drummer), Radji Mateen (saxophonist), Tarus Mateen (bassist), Charles Dickerson (guitarist), and Anthony Randolph (trumpeter).

File:Black Diamond Band 2 1984 2015.PNG
Figure 1.3: The Black Diamond Band in 1985

The "Sexy Baby" album was originally released overseas in Europe, but was later re-released, published, and distributed in the United States through popular online music distributors, music labels, and retailers such as Discogs, BMI, YouTube, rateyourmusic Amazon, itunes Equinox Music, CD Baby and more.[13]

In 1997,"Black Diamond," had made adjustment to the band's line-up and recruited southern hip hop artist and former "DATBU Band" member Debbie Walker, who is known best by her stage name Divinity Roxx. At the time the band backed up spoken-word poets who opened show for comedians at the "Uptown Comedy Club," in Buckhead, Georgia. The "Black Diamond" line-up during that time consisted of Divinity Roxx (2nd bass), Tarus Mateen (bass), Radji Mateen (saxophone), and Roy "Omar" Mateen (drums). In spring of 1998, the "Mateen Brother - Black Diamond," had done a concert in New York for the Goodie Mob's "Still Standing album release party. Everybody was there Puff Daddy was there, Andre 3000 and Snoop Dogg's name was also mentioned among the names of the celebrities that attended the "Goodie Mob," event. The Black Diamonds, is also among the first bands documented on the west coast from the San Joaquin Valley that contributed to the early west coast rap music scene in Central California. Even though now of days the Black Diamond bands, focus has shifted more into the funk, dub, and Jazz, music scenes; the band has left a historic mark in the early production of hip hop music on the west coast and is labeled by many as true west coast hip hop, funk, and dub reggae, pioneers coming out the Central Valley from Kern County during the early-1980.

Solo Careers

File:Brittany Tanner and Taurus Mateen Black Diamond Band.png
Figure 1.4 Brittany Tanner and Tarus Mateen Performing: "New Beginning," in 2012

The Black Diamond band is also known for their solo music accomplishments, each member of the band has established their own credibility as musicians, and worked with major stars before becoming famous themselves. In 1979, Tarus Mateen made his first stage appearance at the age of 11 with his brothers Rajai and Roy Mateen as members of the (Jamaica Musicians Union). The Mateen brothers – "Black Diamond," started out touring and doing opening act for Freddie McGregor, and Judy Mowatt in the late 1970s. In 1983 Tarus Mateen did the bass for "Sexy Baby" Album.[14] In 1985, Tarus Mateen, relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he studied music at Morehouse College and worked in local clubs, Jazz-joints with legendary musicians such as American jump blues, jazz, bebop and R&B alto saxophonist and blues shouter Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson. In 1988 Tarus Mateen had worked with Jazz (vocalist), Betty Carter. He also did the bass for her album called – "Droppin' Things," in 1990. In 1992 Tarus Mateen, did the Malcolm X movie sound track with Terence Blanchard, the movie was a Spike Lee, production. In 1998, and 1999 Tarus Mateen did work with Stefan Harris for a jazz record label called - "Blue Notes," he did the bass for the – "Black Action Figure" album. He has also worked with pop and R&B star: Christina Aguilera He is credited for the work he did on Christina Aguilera fourth studio album and second major release called - "Stripped" he did the bass for the album in 2002. He is also recognized for the work he did with a hip hop group called Outkast in 1990s'.

File:Brittany Tanner.png
Figure 1.5 Brittany Tanner & Tarus Mateen Live at the Bohemian Caverns in Washington D.C in 2014

Later that same year in 1999 Tarus Mateen, joined a band called – "New Directions," the trio consisted of Stanley Cowell, (pianist), Jason Moran (pianist), with Stefon Harris (vibraphone) and Greg Osby (saxophonist). In addition to his jazz, projects, and touring ; Taurus Mateen is known for his work as a session musician and has worked with artists, such as Branford Marsalis in (1989), he worked with David Sanborn , in 1989, Eddie Harris , in 1991, Kenny Burrell in 1991, Lionel Hampton in 1991, George Benson in 1992, Kenny Barron in 1996, and Dee Dee Bridgewater in 1997. In the '90s and 2000s Tarus Mateen had worked with major R&B, Nu Metal, and Hip-Hop stars such as OutKast, Toni Braxton, Brittany Tanner from Bakersfield, Tommy Hilfiger, Korn, Monica, Common, Puff Daddy, and Lauryn Hill.[15] He has also worked with stars such celebrities Q-Tip, The Roots , Goodie Mob, Ghostface, Ice Cube, Christina Aguilera, Milt Jackson, and Fishbone.[16] Tarus Mateen is also known his self-released single called "Arising Saints" he did in 2015.

Another former member of the "Black Diamond Band," who had a successful career as a solo artist, and hip hop producer is Stephen Ewers, also known (as DJ Sparkle). Who first began performing as a hip hop and funk DJ in Compton, California during the mid-1970s. He also known for his close affiliation with DJ Antron mostly involving Djing, and break-dancing events presented by "Radio-Tron" held in Los Angeles.[17] In 1984 the following year later after "Black Diamond," did the music for the "Sexy Baby" album. Dark star had done another album called - "Planet Earth" for a record label called Levic Records. DJ Sparkle contributed to the album he did the (drum Programming).[18] In 1988, DJ Sparkle, did a funk project with Rena Scott. He worked with Rena Scott on her album called - "Love Zone." [19] He also worked with and produce the first female rap duo from Bakersfield coming out of Kern County called the Def Dames. DJ Sparkle did the mixing and wrote the lyrics for their first album called "2-4-the Bass." Which contained two popular singles which both made the Billboards charts such as "976 Boom" which debuted at #19, on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles, and their highest chart appearance up to this date.

Their second single from the "2-4-The Bass" album called, "Set It Off" which also charted peaking at No #20 on "Billboard's Hot Rap Singles Chart" and was featured on the (2nd season), of the comedy sitcom called "In Living Color," during the early 1990s. In 1992, DJ Sparkle worked with and produced the "187 Ride By," album by Tweedy Bird Loc out of Los Angeles. Tweedy Bird is known for the work he did with Ronnie Phillips as part of the Bangin' on Wax project by the Bloods and Crips in the 1990s. DJ Sparkle also worked with a group called U-Turn Bakersfield's first male rap duo also known as "Cream & SB."

File:The Black Diamond Band.jpg
Figure 1.7 The "Suzuki Samari" single By Cream & SB (as U-Turn), was released by "Mainframe Records," in 1988

The duo consisted of Doctor Cream also known (as Cream Billion), and his stage partner SB.[20][21]

In figure 1.7 is a picture of Cream & SB - "U Turn" around the time the "Suzuk Samari" single released. DJ Sparkle is the original producer of Cream & SB's debut album called "Suzuki Samari." which dates back to as far is 1986; the "Suzuki Samari" album by Cream & SB ( as U-Turn), was eventually released by Mainframe Records in 1988. The duo is also known for their sophomore album called - "Ride The Freak" which was produced by DJ Phresh Kutz in 1989.[22] In 1987, DJ Sparkle would have signed Cream & SB, but he couldn't get the percentages up or come to an agreement to make a "Suzki Samari" deal happen; so instead he pass the project to his protégé DJ Phresh Kutz. In 1988 he signed his girl group the "Def Dames" to his production label, and finalized the deal with Sedona Records.

Their debut album called "2-4-The Bass" was released the following year in 1989. He is also one of the founding member of a Hip Hop dance production crew he put together in the early 1990s' called "X-MEN. The X-MEN is among the second generation of Bakersfield street dance crews and has been around since the early 1990s'.

File:X-MEN (Street Dance Crew).png
Figure 1.8 In the illustration above in the top row wearing the bandanna is DJ Sparkle with his hip hop dance production crew He founded in the 1990's called " X-MEN" the "Radio-Tron 4" break-dancing champs of 1996.

The X-MEN is credited and recognized as one Bakersfield's first hip hop dance crews in terms of b-boying but they are not Bakersfield first street dance crew. There were other groups that were active before the "X-MEN" existed dating back to the early-to-late 1970s' and early-to-mid 1980s. The first street dance crews in Kern County started primarily among African-American youths which consisted of young adults, and teens in the beginning then later spread into neighboring Hispanic communities, and among whites. In Bakersfield, the first generation street dance groups formed in the neighborhoods of south east, and Downtown Bakersfield during the 1970s', and 1980s'. In Bakersfield it all started with the "funk-style" street dances which was later incorporated into hip hop. Due to the amount of attention Popping, Locking, and Electric Boogaloo the funk-styles of hip hop dance was receiving, the media brought popping, locking, and Electric Boogaloo under the label "break-dancing", which is a umbrella term that was created to put the "California-styles" of hip hop street dance, which is most commonly referred to as the "funk-styles" of street dance and b-boying in the same category which later confused their history and origins. According to locals it was episodes of "Soul Train" which was a popular black televised dance show at time, and The Midnight Special that featured popular street dance crews at the time such as The Electric Boogaloos, from Fresno California and a group coming out of southern California from Los Angeles called The Lockers that inspired many teens, and young adults in the community to dance. It was the "funk styles" of street dances that laid the energy which gave birth to street dance crews in Bakersfield. In the 1970s' there were many street dance crews that were active in central Bakersfield, better known back then as the west side of town or Downtown Bakersfield. These individuals, street dance crews, and gangs were the " Pop-Lokers which was a group of individual street dancers. There was also a group that started out as a street dance crews these groups were " "The R. GANG, the original name was (R. Gang Unlimited), their was also a group called" "Baby Warlords" and a crew called "The Floor-Masters." The other two established groups in central Bakersfield was a crew called "The Suzuki Samari's" which was also a car club the other group was called "Carnation-Track" both groups were active in terms of popping, and locking during the mid-1980s' till about 1990 once the 90's hit pop-locking began to decrease rapidly and was slowly being replaced by popular dances at the time such as the Cabbage patch dance, Hammertime, b-boying, and the Crip Walk, according to locals. On the other side of town in East Bakersfield the south east in particular there was four crews according to locals that is credited for being active. In the 1970s' there was three crews; in south-east Bakersfield there was a group called "Mid-City", in the deep southeast pass E. Brundage Lane on the other side of Freeway 58 there was two crew the "Mid-Night Strollers", and "Master Page." Both groups formed in the early-to-late 1970s' and were active during the 1980s'. Master Page was the most influential groups in south east Bakersfield at the time. The "Master Page" crew was founded by ('Ricky Peterson'), and his brothers often referred to by locals as the (Peterson Brothers).

File:Master Page Ricky L Peterson.png
Figure 1.9 In the illustration above is a picture of (Ricky L. Peterson) a founding member of "The Master Page" street dance crew. The group was active in Bakersfield, California in the 1970s' and 80s'.

The Peterson's were known for being active back in days at the block parties held on Lakeview blvd, and at the clubs on Cottonwood Road. They were active at house parties, and participated in community events such as the "Black History Parade" which was held in Downtown Bakersfield. The original marching route, started at 19th & Chester Avenue, and ended at Truxton Avenue & L street. The Peterson's also participated community functions held on the west side at "Lowell Park" better known (as 6 Street Park), back then and in Southeast Bakersfield, at "Martin Luther King Park" formerly known (as California Park). There was also a girl crew that was active back then called "The Derma-Net's," and many more.

Due to the growth, migration, and expansion of the "Crips" and "Bloods" which hit Bakersfield ruff in the mid-to-late 1970s and during the 1980s'. Many of the original members of the first generation of Pop-lockers, and street dance crews in Bakersfield either changed their life for the better, or was absorbed by street gangs. The "Mid-City" crew went on to become the "East Side Crips" Bakersfield's first black gang. The Mid-Night Strollers split-up into two groups the ("East Side Country Boys"), known today (as the "Stroller Boy Crips"), and the (South Side Country Boys), better known (as the Watts & Lotus, Cottonwood, Reece & Cheatem, and Madison Block Crips). The "Master Page" crew and "The Dermanets," along with many others groups died out.

The majority of "Pop-Lockers", and members of The R. Gang along with everyday people which primarily consisted of people that was raised in the Lowell community, of the "Oleander-Sunset," are the groups that laid the foundation for the first generation of (West side crips ) in south central Bakersfield. As for Carnation-Track they also sided with the crips and went on to become a set of "West Side" during early-1990's. The "Baby Warlords" was the only crew in central Bakersfield that did not side with the crips. They went on to become the "Warlord Piru Bloods." Due to the intense conflict with the Crips on the West Side, and alliance between the crips and the orientals gangs during 1990's; the Bloods left the Lowell Community and migrated "Up-Town" to the northern end of central Bakersfield, which was commonly referred to back then as the 34th street area or north-central Bakersfield. The Warlords Piru Bloods, is the first of two blood gangs that is native Bakersfield, the other gang is called the "M&I Block," which was formed in the Sumner, area by Bakersfield, and L.A. Bloods in the early-2000s.

According to "Mr. Wiggles Hip Hop Time Line" in 1996 the X-MEN from Bakersfield, won the battle against a crew called "Soul Control." They took first place at the "Radio-Tron 4," break-dancing event which was held at the "Radio-Tron Night club" in Los Angeles. Later that same year; the X-MEN competed in the "Radio-Tron 5," event but with a different line-up. The X-MEN came up short, they lost to a crew called Style Elements.[23] DJ Sparkle is a true west coast hip hop pioneers, in terms of being among the first Hip hop DJs, and Turntablist, to work multiple turntables at once, and for incorporating Electro funk into his beat productions. He is also documented and credited for pioneering the hip hop scene in Oxnard, California in terms of DJing, and producing rap music. DJ Sparkle and his girl group the Def Dames is also credited with being the first rap group from Kern County to make 4 national chart appearances on the Billboard R&B Charts, the Billboard Album Charts, and the Billboard Hot Rap Singles Charts. He has also established credibility for his contributions to the early production of mainstream rap music coming out of Kern and Ventura County during the "Golden Age of Hip Hop Era" in the late-1980s, and early 1990s.

File:Divinity Roxx Black Diamond Band.png
Figure 1.10 Divinity Roxx - Playing Guitar While Rapping on "Framus & Warwick Tv" in Markneukirchen, Germany in 2013

Divinity Roxx was another former "Black Diamond Band" member that had a successful solo music career. She started her career as a member of a group she founded with her friends: Chad Browning, Corey Peyton, Kamaal Studdard, and Lewis Miller called – DATBU, which stands for (Divinity and the Breakfast Unit). She is well known for the tours she did with Beyoncé Knowles which was the "The Beyoncé Experience," and the "I Am... World Tour" which began in 2006 and lasted to 2011. Divinity is also a rapper and "Ghetto Rock" star. In 2013, she displayed her rap skills in a video published on YouTube by "Framus & Warwick Tv" called - "Divinity Roxx Lesson - Rapping While Playing." Divinity Roxx is considered by many to be a southern hip hop pioneer in terms of being among the first female rappers and hip-hop musicians coming out of Atlanta, Georgia during the mid-to-late 1990s.[24]



  • The "Sex Baby" album: (as Dark Star), By Dark Star / Black Diamond (1983)
  • The King George Theme Music -"King George: a King Runs for President," film documentary soundtrack in (2008)
  • The "Black Diamond," album in (2008)


  • "Sexy Baby Single.." (as Dark Star), "Dark Star / Black Diamond Band " in (1982)
  • "The Joint.." (as Black Diamond), from the "Black Diamond" album in (2008)
  • "King George Theme Music.." (as Black Diamond), for the film documentary: "King George: a King Runs for President," soundtrack back in (2008)

Soul Music Credits

  • "Sexy Baby Single.." (as Dark Star), "Dark Star / Black Diamond Band " in (1982)
  • "Black Diamond 2007 Single.. " ( as "Black Diamond" ), in (2007)
  • "Africa.." (as "Black Diamond" ), in (2008)
  • " Movement.." (as Black Diamond), in (2008)
  • "King George Theme Music.." (as "Black Diamond" ), from the "King George: a King Runs for President" - Film documentary soundtrack, in (2008)
  • The "RFK Goes to South Africa," film documentary soundtrack in the early (2000s)
  • "The Joint.." (as "Black Diamond" ), from the "Black Diamond" album in (2008)

Hip Hop Credits


  • Various Artist– Urban Car Tunes 2 (2005)

CD Compilations

  • Various Artist – West Coast Posse 2 (1997)
  • Various Artist – West Coast Rap - The First Dynasty, Vol. 2 (1992)
  • Various Artist – Eazy E & Posse (1995)
  • Various Artist – Timex Social Club + Posse (1998)
  • Various Artist – Hip Hop Most Wanted (2001)
  • Various Artist – Dr. Dre & Posse 5 (2001)
  • Various Artist – Dr. Dre 2003 (2002)
  • Various Artist – Elektro Hip Hop Party Vol. 3
No. Track Listing Peak chart
A1 " Sexy Baby " Sexy Baby
A2 " Rock The Boat "
B1 " Your Favorite Beat "
B2 ""World Of Woman""
The "—" denotes releases that did not chart in that country.


  • Goodie Mob album - performed at "Still Standing’s," release party concert (1998)
  • Jamaican Musicians Union - "Jamaican Tour" in (1979)
  • CSUB Performance - "Hey Deejay...Were You Playing With Em," performed by "Black Diamond & Sweet Smoke" in (1979)
  • The Mateen's Band - "The Light Nur Project," in Washington D.C. (2014)
  • The Black Diamond Band - "Three Brothers Reunion Concert," in Washington, D.C. (2013)
  • Kennedy Center performance - Tarus Mateen & West Afro East Band, the band performed "Global Compositions.." free event at the "Kennedy Center" in Washington, D.C. (2015)
  • YouTube: DJ Flash Channel - "Westside Anthem (West Coast Tribute)," in (2015)


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