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Musical artist

Evan Bartholomew (born 1976 or 1977[1]) is a DJ, producer & artist who creates downtempo music under the name Bluetech. He places significant emphasis on melody in his productions, and his works often demonstrate an influence from dub and ambient techno. He lives in Long Beach, California.

Bluetech has also been releasing albums under the names Evan Marc and Evan Bartholomew.[2] He is also part of the downtempo music group, Invisible Allies, along with KiloWatts.


Bluetech's first track was released on Truffle Records in 2003. Since then, Bluetech has released tracks on a number of other labels. In 2004, Bluetech launched his own label, Native State Records.


As Bluetech

Studio Albums

  • Prima Materia (Waveform Records 2003)
  • Elementary Particles (Native State Records 2004)
  • Sines & Singularities (Aleph Zero Records 2005)
  • Phoenix Rising (Somnia Records 2008)
  • The Divine Invasion (Aleph Zero Records 2009)
  • Love Songs to the Source (Interchill Records 2010)
  • Rainforest Reverberation (Critical Beats 2011)
  • Dreaming Into Being (Sounds True 2013)

Extended Plays

  • Elementary Particles EP (Autonomous Music 2004)
  • Call of the Wild EP (Autonomous Music 2009)
  • Honey In the Heart EP (Aleph Zero Records 2009)
  • Basement Dubs EP (Native State Records 2013)
  • Spacehop Chronicles Vol. 1 EP (Native State Records 2014)
  • Cosmic Dubs EP (Native State Records 2014)
  • The 4 Horsemen of the Electrocalypse: The White Horse (Bluetech self-released 2016)
  • The 4 Horsemen of the Electrocalypse: The Red Horse (Bluetech self-released 2016)
  • The 4 Horsemen of the Electrocalypse: The Black Horse (Bluetech self-released 2017)

As Evan Marc

Studio Albums

  • Emotional Ecology (Psybooty Records 2007)
  • Dreamtime Submersible (With Steve Hillage) (Somnia Records 2008)

Extended Plays

  • Ekoshok EP (Thoughtless Music 2006)
  • Silver EP (Silent Auction 2006)
  • Stamen EP (Psybooty Records 2006)
  • Never Let Me Go EP (Thoughtless Music 2007)
  • Retrospective EP (Thoughtless Music 2008)

As Evan Bartholomew

Studio Albums

  • Borderlands (New Land Music 2007)
  • Caverns Of Time (Somnia Records 2007)
  • Secret Entries Into Darkness (Somnia Records 2008)

As Invisible Allies (with KiloWatts)

  • Hyperdimensional Animals (Native State Records 2010)
  • Conversations with Bees (Aleph Zero Records 2014)


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