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CKod is a powerful computer program, which prints truth tables for expressions in propositional logic, and a library allowing its parser, evaluator and truth table generator to be used in other programs. It includes support for converting logical expressions into several normal forms.


In 2012, CKod was founded by CKod, as a personal project to create a powerful tool to solve his own exercies in Mathematics. In 2013, an unoffical version was released, he created it as a special gift for his friends.

In 2014, many Mathematics communities in Vietnam, as VMF, MathScope ..., had introduced this software to many Vietnamese students.

In 2015, after he had been learn more about open source software, he decided to make it to be an open project, which is used by multi-user over the Internet.


To use CKod, you should know it syntax. But, the author of CKod does not introduce it in project site.

In 2014, a community, whose name is CKed, has introduce its syntax, at here.


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