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Captain Planet is the titular character of the TV show Captain Planet and the Planeteers. At the beginning of the series, Gaia assembles a modern-day group of people from several nations. When the modern-day Planeteers combine their powers to summon the elemental warrior, this incarnation takes on the appearance of a superhero, who takes on the superhero-like name of "Captain Planet." Captain Planet displays a wry sense of humor and often uses puns while taunting the show's cast of villains.


The Planeteers summon him when the need arises and when the crisis is too much for them to handle. When summoned, Captain Planet declares "By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!". After the crisis is dealt with, Captain Planet disappears, and restores the powers to the Planeteer's rings. His parting phrase is, "The Power Is Yours", implying a duty and the ability of everyone to continue protecting the environment when he is gone.

Captain Planet's abilities are never clearly defined within the show, allowing him to always have a way of defeating his enemy and solving the problem before him. He can shape-shift and alter his structure to take on the properties of any element or material as well as transmuting other objects in a similar fashion. In various episodes he flies, has great strength, and displays telepathic and empathic abilities.

Captain Planet is weakened when he is in contact with pollutants, radiation, smog, etc.[1] Like Gaia, he is bound to the physical realm of Earth. Although he is capable of flying into space, his powers and form begin to fade when he travels away from the planet. However, in one episode he is unable to "return to the Earth" completely as two of the five Planeteers who summoned him, and their rings, Earth and Heart, are stranded in space.

On June 27, 2013, Sony Pictures announced that they are currently producing a live-action movie based on Captain Planet.[2]

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