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Corey Mills
Born Corey Mills
(1989-02-26) February 26, 1989 (age 33)
Helena, Arkansas
Residence Gulf Shores, Alabama
Occupation Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, poet, activist
Record Producer
Years active 2014-present
Parents Carla Mills
Carlos Williams
Musical artist

Corey Mills (born February 26, 1989) is an American poet, singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer. He is best known as a Christian Rapper.[1] Brought up in Helena, Arkansas, he moved to Memphis Tennessee to pursue his music career. Motivated by his Love for Jesus Christ, he started trying different things with Christian Rap and in 2009 released his first unofficial album- inhale the word of God. He owns and manages (2010 – present).[2] Mills has released one full album, two EP and five singles.[3][4] He is the founder and President of See-M Records[5] an entertainment agency and record name forming in south, Alabama since July 2015.

Early life

Mills was born by Carla Mills and Carlos Williams. The family lived in Helena, Arkansas for about twelve years. At age eight, Mills started composing poetry and developed his ability as he grew.[6][7] Amid his adolescent years, he was offered the opportunity to further develop his writing skills in England, with the prospect of receiving a publishing contract. In any case, he turned down the offer and continued in his passion of writing.

Musical career

After 2004, while living in Tunica, Mississippi, Mills started trying rap. His acquaintances influenced him to write music after hearing his work; he did. In 2007, Mills moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where he began his Christian lifestyle. He began writing Christian rap, in 2008, after he returned to Tunica, Mississippi. Having never heard of the genre, he thought he would create new music. After producing several songs and distributing them to the public, Corey Mills decided he would continue making Christian rap music. During that time, he was contacted by a music label notifying him of their interest in his pursuits. He asked for time to respond, but his phone that held the contact was stolen.

In 2009, Corey Mills began producing Christian Rap. One month after finishing his project, Mills produced his first unofficial album -'’Inhale the Word of God'’. As time passed, his brand of music spread through many radio stations. During this period, he received a number of tour offers. He cited that he did not fully understanding his pursuit at the time. Mills later produced his first mix-tape 'The Beginning Mix-tape volume 1’. His next project was titled ‘The Blood of Jesus Cleanses'. Although he made some songs for the album- recorded by Nothing-But-Love Records in Tunica, Mississippi, the project was not completed.

In 2013, he moved to Pensacola, Florida, where he produced two additional singles ‘'Proposal'’- released on March 24, 2014 - and '’You Will Know’'- released on April 8, 2014; thus, making an entrance into the music industry. Later that year, Corey Mills released an Extended-Play Album (EP) titled 'Proposal' (November 20, 2014).[8]

In 2015, Mills moved to Gulf Shores, Alabama, where He produced and released his debut studio album in September 2015 (Redemption).[9] Singles released by Mills in 2015 are; He's Shedding light and Bounce [10] 'He's Shedding Light' won votes to be featured on Coast2Coast's Hottest in the State of Alabama Mixtape vol. 5.[11] 'Bounce' won votes to be submitted on Coast2Coast's Hottest in the State of Alabama Mixtape vol. 4.[12] Mills also released another single on February 26, 2016 titled 'I'm Yours'.[13]

On September 29, 2017, Corey Mills produced and released an EP titled 'Echoes', which was mastered by Grammy Award winning Mastering engineer, Kevin Nix.[14] [15] 'What It Is', a song from 'Echoes-EP' was recently voted to be featured on Coast2Coast's Hottest in the State of Alabama Mixtape Vol. 7. [no citations needed here]


Corey Mills is currently on 2017/2018 Echoes Tour promoting the release of his latest EP, Echoes that will be making stops in Pensacola, FL and Fort Walton Beach, FL.[16]

In 2015, Corey Mills performed as part of the Get money stop Hatin tour that made stops in Pensacola and Birmingham. Mills tour was on his hit single He's Shedding light, from his album, Redemption released in September 2015.[17]


Full Album

  • 2015 Redemption

Extended Play

  • 2017 Echoes
  • 2014 Proposal


  • 2016 I'm Yours
  • 2015 He is Shedding Light
  • 2015 Bounce
  • 2014 Proposal
  • 2014 You will know.


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