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Musical artist

D'ron Forbes (born May 16, 1985), better known by the name Focus The Producer, is a professional multi-genre record producer, music promoter, publicist and hip hop recording artist. He is more notable for being the founder and creator of dirtyscopebeatz.com.[1] A music production website founded in 2010 that is currently still in operation today, and is now calculated to receive over 1.5 million visitors per year.[2]

With a Dj for a brother and a former rapper/dj as an uncle Focus The Producer had music in his bloodline from birth. His start in music came at 3 years old, recording his first song under the guidance of his older brother and other family members. At the age of 16 he began to produce his own records.[3] He first came to be known as a music producer worldwide through beat battles put together by grammy award winning Producer Rockwilder. Focus The Producer (DirtyScopeBeatz) ranked in the top 50 battle winning producers of all time[4] and the top 40 selling producers of all time.[5] He later retired in hopes of taking his company 'Dirty Scope Productions' to new heights.

Career as a record producer

Focus The Producer was born in Nassau, Bahamas but raised in Lake Worth, Florida where he attended Lake Worth Community High School.[6] Focus The Producer was first introduced to FL Studio at the age of 16 by his older sister who thought it would be best that he produced his own records. For most of his young days he was a self produced rap artist. He later began his professional music production career when an artist heard a piece of production he created himself, and proposed a purchase. Focus The Producer has stated, from that point music production became his profession.[7]

As the owner of Dirty Scope Productions, and dirtyscopebeatz.com Focus The Producer has listed production on many projects. On the Ike Ellis 'Cornbread' he produced the record 'Loving You',[8] and 'Better Day',[9] a record which stands against domestic violence and the empowerment of women.[10] His 'Loving You' instrumental was also later used on the Swivz "Dead Fly" mixtape which was hosted by Power 105 Dj Suss One.[11] He also went on to provide music production for the Dj Spinz "Rebirth Of Hip Hop" mixtape.[12] To name a few others, he has also produced for The Set Boys (UGK Records), Hustleman (Hustlemoney Records), Francois Ballou (of France), Bino (Mo Thugs), and more.[13] Focus The Producer has produced over 381 records worldwide since 2010.

Career as a rapper

Focus The Producer himself is signed to the record label It's So Hard Entertainment, which is an independent record label owned by his wife Christina Lynn Forbes also known as the hip hop recording artist CL Kash The Ghostwriter. CL Kash is also the owner of independent radio power house IBFU Radio Live-XM, and the production company industrybeatsforyou.com. In July 2013 Focus The Producer released his first single in 5 years 'I'm Fly' to iTunes and AmazonMP3.[14] The record would peak at 40,104 most paid in MP3 songs on AmazonMP3's best seller's list in digital music.[15] In late 2013 he also featured on the song 'Ain't Gone Ever Quit' with CL Kash the Ghostwriter who is also It's So Hard Entertainment owner and wife of Focus The Producer, Christina Lynn Forbes.[16] 'Ain't Gone Ever Quit' peaked at 40,103 most paid in MP3 songs on AmazonMP3 one spot ahead of 'I'm Fly' on the best seller's list.[17]

Major Music Promotions

Focus The Producer is also an established music promoter, publicist and talent manager. He is the owner, founder and marketing manager of Major Music Promotions, ranked in the top 40 music promotion services in the world. Major Music Promotions is an independent record promotion company that provides hip hop music promotion services, radio promotion, sales promotion and publicity to independent recording artists, record labels, producers and other independent companies.[18]


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