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Dandali Na is an online social networking service. Its name comes from a Hausa name which means my group in Hausa language. The site was founded on January 20, 2014[1] by Hadiza Aliyu[2] popularly known as Hadiza Gabon, and a well known Kannywood[3] actress together with Zubairu Dalhatu[4].

Dandali Na users must register before using the site fully, after which they may create a personal profile. Users registered have the option of adding friends and sending private messages to members of the network with more added features such as creating blogs, forums and groups, and allowing them to share content which includes photos, videos and audio clips. Users can subscribe to other users’ channels and view their subscribed channels’ content in real time; they can ‘like’ or ‘comment’ specific content as well as recommending to others.


Hadiza Aliyu, the co-founder of Dandalina.com, interacting on Dandalina.com.

Co-founders Hadiza Aliyu and Zubairu Dalhatu launched Dandali Na in February 2014. The following month, the website name dandalina.com was accepted by some high profile members of Kannywood Movie Industry such as Ali Nuhu[5] and Prince A. Zango[6] [7]. User registration was initially limited by invitation. In March 2014 the site was opened for everyone and was recognized by a leading Governorship Aspirant in Kano State Kawu Sumaila as the first politician to open his campaign page on it.


Dandalina.com Limited was incorporated on 03 March 2014 as a Nigerian limited liability company. Co-Founder and CEO Hadiza Aliyu owns 40% of shares, Co-Founder and also COO Zubairu Dalhatu own 20%, while their partnered company Alhazai Limited and also Photojournalist Sani Mohammed Mai Katanga owns 30% and 10% respectively.



File:Dandalina.com Profile page, March 2014.png
Dandali Na profile page, March 2014

As with most social networks, the site's core functionality is based around status update, private messaging and sharing digital contents such as photos, videos and links with friends. Dandali Na also has tools for creating groups and forums. The site allows its users to upload photo albums, search members and embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo and music.


As of March 2014 the site features 4 languages (English, Hausa, French and Arabic). Advertisements are only shown in English with Google Adsense as the site's ad server.

Hausa-speaking users have no option to use any other regional version as the site has Nigerian Hausa only.

Mobile App

Dandali Na maintain an Android Application[8] available for download on Google Play Store.


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