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Template:Draft article Don Binkowski (born October 26, 1929) is a retired Polish-American public official, author and historian. In 1961-62, he took part in Michigan's Constitutional Convention.

Early Life and Education

Binkowski was born in Detroit, Michigan. He received his bachelors degree in 1951 from the University of Michigan and an LL.B. degree from Wayne State University in 1956.[1]

Public office

In 1961 Binkowski got the Michigan reflectorized tag law repealed.[2] Serving as a delegate to the Michigan Constitutional Convention in 1961-1962[3], Binkowski helped in the creation of the current Constitution of Michigan which was ratified by voters in 1963. He served as a Warren City Councilman from 1965-1968. Elected to Warren, Michigan's newly established 37th District Court in 1968[4], Binkowski served three terms as District Court Judge[5][6], retiring in 1987.


Binkowski has authored five books. He has also published a family album.

Historical contributions

He has researched and collected information on North Detroit as well as Poland and Polish-American topics.[7] He has donated his research to several public institutions as well as used it as material for his books.[8]

Binkowski's archives are held in the collection of the Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan.



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