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Musical artist

Joseph "Geo" Quinn, known professionally as FLEEK, is an American Artist. In Early 2015, he produced the psychedelic-influenced video for the hip-hop & house-infused track Truffle Butter,[1] which is Nominated for a 2016 Grammy.[2] His 14-Minute Film Vérité: ‘Fire Walk with Me is Featured in David Lynch's Twin Peaks "The Entire Mystery" 20-Year Anniversary Blu-ray.[3] During Production of Occupy Los Angeles, Composed the Electronic Soundtrack alongside Grammy Winner Herbie Hancock. [4]


Writer, Director, Producer

  • Occupy Los Angeles (2012) (as Joseph Quinn) [5]


High Jack U Album

FLEEK has produced at least one song a day Since October 31st 2015, under the title High Jack U.[7] High Jack U was conceived as both a pun and portmanteau on the group Jack U, which FLEEK sites as a direct influence.[8]


Singles & Production Discography

Art grant

File:Transcendental Excelsior.png
Transcendental Beginnings

In 2012, he was the Recipient of a Burning Man Honorarium Art Grant, for his large-scale installation "The Transcendental Cube".[10] The piece explored the philosophical, figurative, and physical aspects of a Giant Glowing Orb Penetrating through a 14'x14'x14' Fixed Cube.[11] The Project's Theme of Eternal Recurrence reflected Burning Man's 2012 Fertility 2.0 Title. [12]


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