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Fastvideo SDK is a software library developed by Fastvideo for GPU-accelerated image and video processing by means of Nvidia's CUDA platform.

Fastvideo SDK offers real-time JPEG/JPEG2000/Bayer/H.264/H.265 compression and decompression, image demosaicing, denoising, filtering, resizing, rotation and video output functions. The scope of applications of the library includes medical imaging, surveillance, camera applications,[1] sports, industrial imaging,[1] online processing of images, processing of RAW images in real time,[2] 3D and VR graphics.

Fastvideo SDK requires a CUDA-compatible Nvidia GPU to function. The library displays higher performance on Nvidia GPUs of higher classes.[3] Performance of the library is currently 5–10 times faster than competitive solutions.[4][5] In 2012 and 2014, Fastvideo presented results of benchmarks of the JPEG/JPEG2000 codec for Nvidia conference.[4][5][6]

Fastvideo SDK is included into Nvidia's official catalog of GPU-accelerated applications.[7]

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