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FinancesOnline is an independent B2B software review platform that lists reviews of products from category of Business-to-business services. Users of the platform can search its database for a review of a specific software solution or browse through different category listings using various search filters that narrow down the search to specific products that meet their requirements.[1][2][3]


FinancesOnline was launched in November 2013 by Sebastian Lambert who is the founder and current CEO. The company has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California with European offices based in Larnaca, Cyprus. FinancesOnline received seed funding in amount of $600,000 which was initiated by the Founder in early 2014. [1]

Product and services

FinancesOnline provides reviews of software services for business to business platforms. These reviews are written by the website's internal team as well as the customers who have bought and evaluated the product and want to share their experience.[4][5][6][7] The company also provides educational resources about B2B and SaaS resources.[8][9][10]

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