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Friendbase is a vitrual chat-room and social networking service. The app is developed by Swedish company Palderio.[1] The cross-platform service began in 2014, and as of 2015 over 1.2 million users have been registered. [2]

Friendbase allows users to create their own character, design personalized rooms, meet new friends, chat with other players, look after and play with virtual pets and play various multiplayer games. [1]


Friendbase is the brainchild of game developer Andreas Rehnberg and entrepreneur Donnie SC Lygonis. It was first intended to create virtual chat rooms for Facebook back in 2007. At it's peak the company had around 40 employees, with their games reaching approximately 4,000,000 members.[3]

Rehnberg has developed multiple online games and also a number of smartphone apps. His first big online game to precede Friendbase was Playdo World, an early stage virtual chat world, first released in 1999.[4] By 2005 it had reached 500 000 members and Andreas teamed up with entrepreneur Donnie SC Lygonis to build Playdo 2.0. They in turn brought game developer Mikael Stenmark and game designer Alvaro Tapia onboard, and Playdo 2.0 was released early 2007.[4]

During 2007 the Playdo team joined forces with UK based game portal Miniclip and decided to rebrand the site to Spineworld, utilizing the pixel-based world of “Spineworld” created by Mikael Stenmark and Alvaro Tapia. And in 2008 Spineworld became a separate website under the control of Miniclip. In 2009 Spineworld had 3,000,000 users. [5]

Donnie SC Lygonis left Playdo in November 2008 and Andreas Rehnberg left in 2010. In 2012 they started work on their follow-on project 'Friendbase', and Friendbase 1.0 was released in September 2014.

The latest release, Friendbase 2.0, was released on the Apple app store on 10 July.[6]


In 2015 Friendbase won the 'Start Tel Aviv' award.[7] The jury concluded:

With an innovative idea into an internationally strong and growing market, this experienced team has already shown good signs that they can realize the company's great potential - we congratulate Friendbase, the winner of Start Tel Aviv 2015![8]


Andreas Rehnberg - Online game and app developer, pioneered of in 1999[9] Rehnberg has also sold games and online experiences to clients such as Adidas, H & M, Panasonic, L'Oréal, Schibsted, MTV Networks, Miniclip and Electronic Arts.

Donnie S C Lygonis - Technology Transfer Manager at KTH Innovation, previous startups inclide Romelix, Playdo, Lohilo and The Fitness Internet.

Deborah B Lygonis - Entrepreneur and business consultant, previous startups include Romelix, Craft Animations, The Fitness Internet and Refind Technologies. [10]


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