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Template:EngvarB Gayatri Devi Vasudev is the daughter of famous astrologer Dr. Bangalore Venkata Raman, who edited The Astrological Magazine since 1936. She became Editor of the Astrological Magazine after the death of her father in 1998, and remained as Editor until Jan 2008, when the magazine closed operations permanently.

Vasudev has been involved in writing and research work on traditional Indian astrology (Jyotisha) and has produced a number of works dealing with different aspects of astrology and the influence of planets on worldly affairs.

Gayatri Devi has time and again opposed and argued against attempts by scientists to discredit astrology and has expressed her views on the issue in several of her works. She believes that astrology deserves an unbiased scientific scrutiny and no attempts should be made at disparaging the subject without studying the same.

Gayatri Devi is currently the editor of Modern Astrology Magazine (India), which was launched by her September 2009. Gayatri Devi is also one of the National Vice-Presidents of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences as well as Ruling Committee member of the Graha-anukul-ratna-visheshajna-parishad[1]

Publishing career

She held the position of Assistant Editor of The Astrological Magazine for years before assuming the position of Editor after the demise of her illustrious father, and has continued promoting the study and practice of Indian astrology with her active involvement in the field. The magazine went out of publication from January 2008 to February 2009 and was relaunched as The New Astrological Magazine in March 2009.[2][3][4][5] Subsequently, the name of the publication has been changed to "Modern Astrology", beginning Vol. 1, No 1 on September 2009.[6]

Predictive Ability

She predicted the assassination of Indira Gandhi and the end of "Rajiv's Era" months before both of the events. She also has anticipated several earthquakes and the tsunami of December 2004. She predicted the death of Jordan's King Hussain and the execution of Saddam Hussein.[no citations needed here] She is also said to have predicted the 9/11 disaster which was published in the January 2001 issue of the Astrological Magazine.[7] The actual prediction goes like this, "Mars will be in opposition to Rahu on 14-09-2001 and warns against a nuclear disaster or gas tragedy.".[8]

Published books

  • The Art of Matching Charts[9]
  • Advanced Principles of Prediction[10]
  • Vastu, Astrology and Architecture[11]
  • Astrology and the Hoax of Scientific Temper[12]
  • Practical Horary Astrology and How to Judge a Horoscope – Volume II
  • Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes[13]
  • Planets and the Next World War[14]
  • Astrology and pseudo scientific criticism[15]



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