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Get Croissant or (Croissant Coworking) is an American online marketplace software technology coworking company that provides on demand access to shared workspaces, enabling freelancers,[1] startups[2] and entrepreneurs to rent and work on a flexible basis.[3] [4] A number of real estate software companies such as 42floors, LiquidSpace or Pivot Desk have emerged, offering flexible membership access to some of these commercial office spaces.[5] The company does not own any office buildings; it is merely a broker and it charges members for hourly workspace access[6] and gives a percentage to temporarily fill the vacant office space owner’s that it partners with.[7] Get Croissant is a form of collaborative consumption and sharing economy. Founded in 2015, it is headquartered in New York City.


In 2015, Nisha Garigarn[8] and her three cofounders, Dave Idell, Adam Chew[9] and Zoltan Szalas, were all working in corporate jobs, and they noted that way people work is changing. People are transitioning from a 9-to-5-er economy to a 1099-er economy, the latter group also known as freelancers. They noticed a market of 10 million square feet of available office space in New York City, as well as over 100 coworking spaces with hundreds of vacant seats that were not being filled by the traditional coworking membership leasing contract model.[10] They identified a need for providing a more flexible hourly based office space memberships subscription service [11] that allows remote workers [12] and freelancers to work from multiple workspace locations by partnering with different office space providers.[13] They have been compared and dubbed by New York Times the “Uber of rentable desk space”[14] [15] the “class pass of coworking spaces”[16] and the “Airbnb of coworking office space”[17] The mobile app technology company is looking to disrupt the traditional coworking operating model by acting as the bridge between the real estate side of the coworking world and the software and logistics side that powers it.[18]


screenshot of locations tab on the Get Croissant IOS app

The product is available on the web, and as a location-based app on Android[19] and iOS app.[20] The product includes a work space search network, as well as a online booking platform.[21] The mobile app lets users search for and check into work space using a variety of filters, including location type, seat availability, operating hours and amenities on the go.[22]


In September 2015, Croissant started pitching investors and judges from the startup accelerator Techstars at a demo day hosted at the coworking space The Alley.[23] In August 2016 they applied and got accepted to a 4 month early stage incubator program at 500 Startups[24][25] where they graduated and received 125k seed funding from 500 startups[26]

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