Gimme Head: the Tale of the Cuyahoga Valley Bigfoot

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Gimme Head: the Tale of the Cuyahoga Valley Bigfoot is a 2016 short mockumentary film written, directed, and produced by Logan Fry.


Gimme Head was shot in Richfield, Ohio, with additional scenes shot in Lakewood, Ohio and Summit Metro Parks near Akron, Ohio. It was a no budget film shot, edited and distributed for less than $2,500.00. It has developed a cult following in Akron and Cleveland, Ohio.

The short premiered theatrically at The Nightlight Cinema in Akron, Ohio, United States on New Years’s Eve 2016 [1] is a mocumentary from first-time Director Logan Fry. This Triple-B movie (Blood, Boobs and Beast) is definitely not for the kids; but it is seen as becoming a cult classic dues to its humor and production values. The producers refer to it as “a movie made for the not-so-sane, and the unabashedly adolescent. And definitely for those who love boobs.”


Based on a true story, the film follows the fabled Bigfoot as he roams the Cuyahoga River Valley, and the group of young coffeeheads who decide to seek him out. Akron’s Channel 18.5 News is on top of the story as one, then another, then two more lose their heads to the dreadful beast. But is the shaggy monster really Bigfoot, or just some devious psychopath in a gorilla suit?


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  • Meghana Lynn as Sonja Krejki
  • Vince Ciraldo as Vic Sweeney, Bigfoot
  • Vimalraj Jayaseelan as Raja Tamilistani
  • Nadia Stahiv as Lydia Kharchenko
  • Bailey Jursik as Annie Brown
  • Danielle Nungesser as Clara Kent
  • Rance Martin as Rance Brewster
  • Jeff Criswell as Professor Dwyight Kenobi
  • John W. Iwanonkiw as Officer John Ranger
  • Lou Consolo as Officer Ed Clampett
  • James Woolf as EMT Vickers Vickersley
  • Lisa Neeld as Newsdesk Reporter Rebecca McGill
  • Jerry Lynch as Newsdesk Reporter Tom Burnham

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  • Emily Kelly as Reporter Sylvia Berlusconi
  • Gary Moon as Bigfoot
  • Mykal Mills as Officer Michael Dodge
  • Blanca Miller as Reporter Sandy McGiver
  • Betty VonBombs as Betty Black
  • Augustine Boland as Officer Lester Farnum
  • Michael Sosnick as Stick-Up Man
  • Bogusia Chmielewski as Posse Member
  • Emmit Green as Posse Member
  • Donald B. Sidaway as Posse Member
  • Howard Buzz Sidaway as Posse Member
  • A.J. Walker as Posse Member
  • Logan Fry as Cro-Magnon Hunter

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‘’Gimme Head’’ garnered mainly positive reviews from film critics, although one early critic was particularly scathing, saying the film "goes a long way toward answering the age-old question, ‘Just because I can make a movie, should I?’ No. Just…just no. The answer is almost always no".[2] Most critics, however, while acknowledging the somewhat low production values, found the film both amusing and entertaining. John Migliore, in "Indie Horror Online" said: "You know this movie was made in the right spirit when it immediately warns you that it may trigger sensitive people who are easily offended by blood, boobs and girls who lose their heads. A warning like that seems more like an invitation to settle back, and enjoy the antics to come." [3] Christopher Zisi, writing in “Zisi Emporium for B Movies” added: "Campy, rough, and amateurish, 'Gimme Head...' is hilarious and fast paced. If you loved 'Plan 9 from Outer Space,' or Don Dohler's 'Nightbeast' you will instantly take to 'Gimme Head...' " [4] Speaking to production values directly, Alex DeCourville said "Gimme Head is a low budget affair. However, much like Monty Python and the Holy Grail, this film embraces it. When Bigfoot rips someone’s head off, the effects are lovingly cheap. Director Logan Fry knew he was making a film on the cheap and had fun with it. Rather than fight it, this cheapness adds to film’s charm." [5] Part of the documentary nature of the film arises from extensive use of television news spots as a core organizing them of the movie. David Strege of “Movies Galore of Wisconsin and Beyond”, noted: I think that part of the humor comes from the News Anchor people’s back and forth vocabulary…" [6] Boobs, of course, are an indispensable requisite for any Triple-B film, and Paul Maritz in "" definitely approved: "The boobs in the 38-minute version were real (and nice!)… If you’re into bad horror comedy, you will love it and probably rate it 8/10." [7]

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