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The Gods Of War Motorcycle Club (GOWMC) is a military motorcycle club that was formed by hte member "Hawkeye" in the Shepparton area of Victoria (Australia) in 2008.[1]

It was found at the time that no suitable form of club existed, so a small club was established to provide the needs locally.


The Gods Of War Motorcycle Club (GOWMC) is a military motorcycle club that was formed by club founder "Hawkeye" in the Shepparton area of Victoria, Australia in 2008.[1]

The original founding members of the club from 2008 are each classed as a "War God". The Gods Of War MC[2] is one of the fastest growing military motorcycle clubs, especially in the United Kingdom. This is due in part to the fact that the club was created for service personnel and operates in a unique manner compaired to all other MCs. The club states that they accept interest for membership from those who are in, or have served in, any branch of a country's armed forces in either a regular or reserve capacity. The club started small and local to the Shepparton area, but over time the premise of the clubs philosophy proved popular and within a short time after forming, another location had been established in Armidale, New South Wales.

After a few years the club started to gain interest from overseas, so in 2014 the club decided to check out the feasibility of setting up in these countries. By mid-2016 the club had been established in three countries, with more countries expressing interest.


The club is considered unique in its structure as it doesn't strictly adhere to the general principles of many MC, such as using military titles & ranks for key positions withing the club, instead of the traditional titles, such as "President" and "Sgt at Arms".

The club is for military service personnel. This covers all branches, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine, whether this service is current or former, regular or reserve. Although some military MCs follow this, GOW MC doesn't have any restrictions on gender, allowing females to join. They also have no restrictions on make or power of bikes, except that scooters are prohibited.

The club also differs from MCs in that they have what is called an "Armoured" membership. This is for people who would normally qualify for membership, but due to illness or disability are now unable to ride a motorcycle & as such, membership to any other club would be declined. This allows for inclusion and helps foster an atmosphere of brotherhood in service.

All these differences make this motorcycle club the only one of its kind in the world.


By mid-2016 the Gods of War had established themselves throughout Australia, United States and the United Kingdom, such as in Aldershot.[3] The popularity of the club and the reason for so many interested members from countries especially like the UK, is due to the applicants not wishing to be in a club that is an outlaw club or controlled by a 1% club. The GOW MC attempts to maintain an amicable relationship with any and all clubs, regardless of orientation, but refuses to be influenced, intimidated or controlled by any other clubs. As such, this makes membership very appealing to potential members.

Club colours

The club's logo is the "Rifled Reaper", which is a grim reaper with his hood down and wearing a maroon beret. He brandishes two assault weapons with the country's flag hanging from the barrel. The SA80 (L85) and Union Jack flag always remain on the left but the rifle and flag on the right change dependent upon the country the member is from. "Hawkeye" designed the patch, and the name "Gods of War" came from the British, Commonwealth and Allied Military tending to be the ones leading the way in most military conflicts.


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