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Hack Job is a 2011 American slasher film directed by James Balsamo and produced by Lloyd Kaufman. It stars Dave Brockie, Lloyd Kaufman, & Debbie Rochon. Nightmare Sonata provides music for the film. It was released on DVD on 2011 with plans for a 2012 theatrical release.


After Jack and his girlfriend Macy have sex, he falls sleep. When he wakes up, Macy is gone. He finds blood all over his house and a severed arm in his closet. He is then attacked by a person in a mask, who is revealed to be Macy, who was pranking Jack. However, an actual killer wearing a burlap sack beheads Jack with an axe. He chases Macy, but she manages to hide. She then watches in horror as he places Jack's corpse in a body bag. She accidentally makes a sound, and the killer chases her down and dismembers her before placing her remains in another body bag.

A group of friends (Mandy, Allan, Jill, Leo, Sammy, and Jeff) head to party at an old quarry. On the way, they meet Oliver, Johnny, and Carol. Once there, they are stalked by the killer. After a while, the killer finally attacks, murdering Allan with a pickaxe and decapitating Sammy with a crowbar. When the party ends, the others split up to search for Allan and Sammy. Mandy and Jill find a field with many body bags. They hide when the killer arrives with the dead body of Oliver, and puts it in a body bag. They then flee the site, and are chased by the killer. Meanwhile, Jeff and Leo encounter Johnny and Carol, who say that Oliver went missing. The killer then appears and throws a stake through Johnny's head, and the others flee.

Leo meets up with Mandy and Jill, and they witness the killer murdering Carol with a jackhammer. They try to run, but are forced to enter the killer's shack, where they find that he has suffocated Jeff with cement. Then, the murderer enters and kills Leo with a sledgehammer. Mandy and Jill attempt to fight back, but fail, and the killer seemingly kills Jill with a machete. Mandy arms herself with a gun and returns, seeing that the killer has put Jill in a body bag.

Mandy battles the killer. Eventually, he impales her with a pole. However, Jill, who survived being attacked, fires a nail gun into the back of his head. While Mandy and Jill are standing over the killer's body, he suddenly leaps up and charges at the girls, but they dive out of the way. The killer then crashes into a platform and is killed when a pile of bricks falls onto him. Mandy and Jill, the only survivors, then leave the quarry in the killer's truck. The movie ends by zooming in on a body bag.


  • Debbie Rochon as Amanda "Mandy" Lawrence
  • Lynn Lowry as Jillian "Jill" Seamus
  • Dave Brockie as The Killer
  • James Balsamo as Leo
  • Michael Shershenovich as Jeff
  • Cathy Nardone as Carol
  • Keith J. Crocker as Jeff
  • Robert Youngren as Johnny
  • Bob Socci as Oliver
  • Michael Matteo as Sammy
  • Michael Balsamo as Allan
  • Veronika Brussmannova as Macy
  • Jon Keller as Jack
  • Lloyd Kaufman as Mandy's Dad
  • Dan E. Danger as Kevin
  • Keith Matturro as Brett
  • Kerri McConnell as Courtney
  • Michael Perillo as Charles Leigh (voice)
  • Sparky Drakonis as Himself (voice)
  • Daniel Underhill as David Calvin (voice)
  • Danny Karron as Man on Bus
  • Matt Routzahn as Man on Radio
  • Dominae Drakonis as Annoying Customer
  • Chainsaw Mike as Dean
  • Michael Martinez as Drew
  • Jeremy Sunderland as The Pharaoh

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