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Hartriono B. Sastrowardoyo
Born Hartriono Benjamin Sastrowardoyo
May 19
New York City
Other names Hart Sastrowardoyo
Ethnicity American of Indonesian (Javanese) and Filipino (Hiligaynon) ancestry
Occupation journalist
Notable credit(s) The Asbury Park Press; Community News, Browns Mills, N.J.
Religion Christian
Spouse(s) Jennifer Cyran Sastrowardoyo (wife)
Relatives Soenario, Subagio Sastrowardoyo (uncles); Sunaryati Hartono, Astrid Susanto, Marina Joesoef (cousins); Dian Sastrowardoyo (first cousin once removed)
Family Sumarsongko (father), Teresita (mother), Rahadyan (brother), Sabartomo (brother, deceased)

Hartriono Benjamin Sastrowardoyo (born May 19) is a voiceover actor and American journalist reporting for the Metro section of The Asbury Park Press, as one of its staff writers, specifically Berkeley Township, but also with a specialty in writing about the U.S. space program and military affairs (among other subjects, he has written about events at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst as well as about various astronauts local to the coverage area, including Garrett Reisman's leave from NASA to work at SpaceX.) Immediately prior to his current beat, he was an education reporter, covering Toms River-area schools, public and private. He also contributes to other sections, most notably travel ("Destinations"). He was educated at various State University of New York colleges as well as at Hofstra University, graduating from SUNY Oneonta in 1990.


Reporter and editor

Sastrowardoyo began his journalistic career as a writer for his high school newspaper.

From 1990 to 1992, Sastrowardoyo mainly worked as a news clerk on the national and foreign news desks of The New York Times, although he filled in on occasion at other desks, including book review, culture, metro, obituaries, and science. After leaving the Times in 1992, for ten years he was a freelance writer whose interview subjects included actors[1][2] and astronauts. In 2001, he was invited to the annual dinner of the Explorers Club[3] in New York City because of his support of the American space program and also because of his website, Space Center Shadowstar (since taken down), devoted to the history of astronautics (including information on astronauts and astronaut-candidates from the United Kingdom, Canada and Indonesia).

Some of Sastrowardoyo's interviews and profiles of astronauts were published in Spaceflight, the official magazine of the British Interplanetary Society as well as in BIS' Voyage, aimed at schoolchildren.

From 2002 to 2004, he was editor of Community News, a weekly newspaper in Browns Mills, New Jersey. For his other print and online publications, please see below.

Sastrowardoyo joined the Asbury Park Press as a reporter in 2004. As the newspaper is a Gannett property, his articles have appeared in other Gannett newspapers, including but not limited to the Courier-Post, Daily Record, and Hattiesburg American.

His articles have also been picked up by the Associated Press as well as verbatim by the Air Force Times.[4] The Philadelphia affiliate of NBC (WCAU TV-10) also picked up one of Sastrowardoyo's articles.[5]

Writer and photographer

Sastrowardoyo is also a short-story writer and photographer, and has been the subject of articles that appeared in the now-defunct eBay Magazine as well as Newsday, both on the topic of nonpaying bidders and excuses they give.

Some of Sastrowardoyo's photos appeared in the Third Annual Pemberton Artists Exhibit, held in 2003 at the Pemberton Township Library, a branch of the Burlington County Library System.

A photo of F. Story Musgrave, a scientist-astronaut, taken by Sastrowardoyo appears in NASA's Scientist-Astronauts. [6]

He has appeared on Stafford Township-based WJRZ-FM, 100.1, during the Down The Shore program, talking about school consolidation (particularly on the concerns regarding same in the Toms River Regional/Seaside Park/Seaside Heights and Central Regional school districts) as well as on the then-upcoming Brick Township and Manchester Township school referendums involving capital projects.

His first nonfiction book, Select Passport Stamps of the Caribbean (2009),[7] placed 25th out of 64 entries in the 2009 GuideGecko Writing Contest.


  • Sastrowardoyo was a character in a short story by Rich Handley, "Grateful, the Dead.".[8]


Sastrowardoyo is a son of Sumarsongko H. Sastrowardoyo (born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia) and Teresita M. Sastrowardoyo (born in Maasin, Iloilo, the Visayas, the Philippines), who were married at Calvary Baptist Church in New York City in 1962. One brother, Sabartomo D. Sastrowardoyo (1965–1986), died in an accident while a student at Cornell University in 1986.[9] Another, Rahadyan Sastrowardoyo (b. 1963),[10][11] is an editor, writer and photographer based in New York City.

Sastrowardoyo is a nephew of Soenario (1902–97), Indonesia's minister of foreign affairs from 1953 to 1955; and Subagio Sastrowardoyo (1924–95), a noted poet, writer, essayist and literary critic. He is also a cousin of Sunaryati Hartono (b. 1931) and Astrid Susanto (1936–2006), officials in the Indonesian government; and Marina Joesoef (b. 1958), an Indonesian artist.

Sastrowardoyo is a first cousin once removed of the Indonesian actress Dian Sastrowardoyo (b. 1982).

His family name is derived from sastra (Sanskrit, writings) and wardaya (Sanskrit, heart), so literally means "writings of the heart."

His paternal grandfather, Sutejo Sastrowardoyo (1876–1967), traced the family's ancestry back to 15th century Java.


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Online Publications





In 2003, Sastrowardoyo won the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists' first-place award for Weekly Spot News Photography, "Another Day in Bordurvia," a front-page Community News photo of a simulated hostage-taking exercise at Fort Dix.[16] The Exercise Tiger National Foundation[17] presented him with its 2005 Journalism Award for Outstanding Reporting on Veterans Issues and Community Affairs for The Asbury Park Press. In 2008, Sastrowardoyo was part of a team who won a third-place New Jersey Press Association award in the category of Reporting and Writing, Daily, over 60,000 circulation, for coverage of the May 2007 wildfire in Burlington and Ocean counties.


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